Tween Boys Bedroom Decor

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My 10 year old, Kaiden, has had poor bedroom luck over the past few years. He had to switch bedrooms when Rowen was born, switch again when Hunter broke her foot, switch AGAIN when Arien moved his office, and was even without a real bedroom when we sold our house. I made a promise when we moved into our new home that he would have the bedroom of his dreams – and I was determined to keep that promise! His only request was bunk beds, which I was happy to make happen. Planning a tween boys bedroom decor wasn’t easy, but I think we are happy with the result!

Bunk Beds

Kaiden’s initial request was for a loft bed, which seemed like a great idea. Bed up top, desk below. I’m in favor of space saving design whenever possible! But then I started thinking… what about sleepovers? Kaiden is a social butterfly and makes friends easily. We also live closer to family and friends now, and are hoping to have cousins visit soon. While I know that kids can (and will) sleep anywhere, it seemed that traditional bunk beds might be the way to go.

tween boys bedroom decor with bunk beds

We looked at some different options online, and I decided that I wanted to get a wood bunk bed frame. Metal bunk beds were cheaper, but they also seemed like they might not be as stable. Knowing how rowdy and rough boys can be, stability and long lasting materials were a must!

We went into Rooms To Go to see the bunk beds in person. I’m really glad we did, because it helped to see the quality of materials and the size of the beds. I ruled out any full size bed options, and confirmed that I wanted a wooden frame. Kaiden was interested in bunk beds that had a desk or dresser attached. Again, space saving is important in a small bedroom, so we added those styles to our list of options.

bunk beds with desk for teen boys bedroom

After returning home and measuring his bedroom, I decided the bed/dresser/desk combo was out. His room just wasn’t big enough. But he did have just enough room to fit a bunk bed with side desk. I gave him some styles to choose from online and let him pick the color of the furniture. Once he had chosen what he liked – and confirmed he would love it for the next 8 years – we ordered!

desk and study area in boys bedroom

We couldn’t have been happier with the result. The bed is super sturdy, the desk is perfect for homework, and the delivery guys put everything together in a flash. Kaiden made the perfect choice!

Beddy’s Zipper Bedding

One of the first things I said when shopping for bunk beds: I’m NOT making those beds for you. And I meant it! So to keep my word, I knew I had to set Kaiden up for success with making his beds independently.

Since we needed new matching bedding for the two bunks anyway, I started shopping around. Where would I find good tween boys bedroom decor that would last as he grows? I asked friends for recommendations. A couple of them mentioned Beddy’s, which I had heard of but didn’t really know much about.

bunk beds in tween boys bedroom

Sometimes you hear buzz about a certain brand, but you want to make for SURE sure that it’s really worth it. You know?

I looked into Beddy’s a little more because I just couldn’t figure out how it worked. It has zippers? Ok so like a sleeping bag? Kind of.

The whole thing is one piece. Fitted sheet, top sheet, covers. All in one. So to make the bed, Kaiden just has to slip the corners over his mattress. And that’s it. He’s done. Literally.

It’s genius and I’m really said I missed out on this bedroom magic in the 80s.

Beddys bedding for bunk beds

To get in the bed, he unzips the side and slips right in. He can leave it open (which he does because his bedroom is a furnace in this never-ending Georgia summer) or he can zip himself inside to be more snug.

To wash, he removes the whole thing from his bed, unzips the parts, and we toss it in the washing machine.

I wish you could reach through your screen and feel how amazing the quality is, but that would be weird. I’ll just tell you that the fabric is great and the inside of the bedding is super soft. It’s also handmade, which blows my mind, especially knowing that it takes 8 hours to make each set!

brother and sister playing on bunk beds

Because I think this bedding is amazing, I chose to partner with Beddy’s as an affiliate. I never recommend any product I don’t love and use myself, and I truly think this would be great for any bed. They aren’t just for bunk beds, and come in all sizes from toddler-king. If you have a hard to make bed, check these out and use code AMANDAS20 to save 20% on your order!

Tween Boys Bedroom Decor

Kaiden is pretty simple and no-fuss, and I wanted his bedroom decor to be the same. He doesn’t really need a lot of decor in his space, and he prefers things with sentimental value.

Rooms to Go dresser in boys bedroom

I’ve also learned that if he has a lot of surface area to put random objects, he will fill that space up with junk. So I kept shelves to a minimum – the dresser that matches his beds and one bookshelf. I added the two cube baskets to the bottom of his bookshelf so he could toss in random toys. I much prefer that than finding them all over the floor!

Uncommon Goods scratch off map in boys bedroom

Who am I kidding, he still leaves his toys everywhere.

We didn’t really add any other bedroom decor that he didn’t already have. He likes to pin photos and notes to his cork board, so I hung that near his desk. The USA scratch map is one he got for Christmas last year. With it, he can keep track of all the states he visits, which is pretty fun to see!

Scratch off USA map

He has a painting that his Grandma Linda made before he was born, which we hung next to his bed. He also has photos of his dad and grandparents, and stuffed animals that he refuses to put away. It’s a gentle reminder to me that he’s still my sweet little boy, no matter how tall he may be.

art by Linda Hunter in tween boys bedroom decor

I have a feeling this “tween boys bedroom decor” will be an easy transition to “teen boys bedroom decor” in a few years, with only minor adjustments. Some updated paint with a blue or gray accent wall might complete the look. You think if I hang a basketball hoop over his laundry basket, his clothes will end up in there and not on the floor? I guess it’s worth a “shot!”

Mom jokes all day, y’all.

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