25 Fall and Winter Drinks and Cocktails

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Cozy up with a delicious drink this fall and winter. A festive drink is perfect for entertaining or a night of family fun. Drinks that feature seasonal fruits and flavors will add a special touch to your evening. We’re always looking for fun new drinks so I’ve gathered up this list of 25 Fall and Winter Drinks and Cocktails to help you celebrate all season long. From non-alcoholic drinks to creative cocktails and fruit spiked sangrias you will find a drink that is perfect for everyone.

Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)

Mulled Apple Cider (from Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream)

mulledappleciderwithapples - Amanda Seghetti

This mulled apple cider is easy to make and is a wonderful warming drink for colder months and festive occasions. This version is made with non-alcoholic cider making it a kid-friendly treat the whole family can enjoy.

Dark Chocolate Maple Hot Cocoa (from Seek Adventures Blog)

Dark Chocolate Maple Hot Cocoa - Amanda Seghetti

It’s snow day season and nothing makes a snow day more enjoyable than a cup of rich, hot cocoa. This Dark Chocolate Maple Hot Cocoa has a deep flavor and the sweetness of maple syrup

Pomegranate Lime Non-Alcoholic Spritzer (from The Organic Kitchen)

IMG 3432 - Amanda Seghetti

You can enjoy your holiday parties, wake up the next morning feeling great and look festive while doing it thanks to this Pomegranate Lime Non-Alcoholic Spritzer!

Warm Vanilla Custard (from Thrifty Frugal Mom)

Warm Custard Drink 681x1024 1 - Amanda Seghetti

Warm Vanilla Custard Drink- a comforting caffeine-free drinkable custard that’s perfect for an easy breakfast or tasty treat!

Instant Pot Pumpkin Apple Cider (from Two Kids and a Coupon)

Instant Pot Pumpkin Apple Cider Small 7 - Amanda Seghetti

This easy instant pot pumpkin apple cider is the perfect warm drink for cold fall and winter days. Here is how to make it!

Turmeric Tea (from Mind, Body and Spirit Well Being)

detox potion 2 - Amanda Seghetti

This magical turmeric tea recipe combined with the ginger root benefits and the mint herb is the perfect healthy concoction for your afternoon tea ideas!

Pomegranate in a Pear Tree Punch (from House of Nash Eats)

Pomegranate in a Pear Tree Punch 15 - Amanda Seghetti

Pomegranate in a Pear Tree Punch is a fun, festive, and non-alcoholic holiday drink that is quick and easy to make and perfect for any Christmas party or other holiday gathering!

Kinderpunsch (from Food Folks and Fun)

Kinder Punch recipe 600x900 1 - Amanda Seghetti

Apple cider, cherry juice, orange juice, and warm winter spices like cinnamon, cloves, and star anise make this the best warm Christmas Kinderpunsch recipe!


Cranberry Coconut Daqueri (from Raia’s Recipes)

cranberry coconut daquari - Amanda Seghetti

This real food, paleo cranberry coconut daiquiri from Raia’s Recipes is a wonderfully festive and healthy drink. It’s bursting with flavor and full of ingredients and nutrients you need to stay hydrated and healthy!

Pumpkin Spice Margarita (from Foodal)

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Margaritas - Amanda Seghetti

The traditional margarita gets an autumn update with this pumpkin spice version. Fall flavors fuse with tequila to make a tasty adult treat that you and your friends will love.

Cranberry Smash Cocktail (from Le Petit Eats)

IMG 7403 - Amanda Seghetti

This Cranberry Smash Cocktail is an easy and festive holiday beverage made with cranberry sauce and a homemade rosemary simple syrup.

Winter Wonderland Margarita (from Burrata & Bubbles)

winter wonderland margarita - Amanda Seghetti

When Old Man Winter strikes, nothing gets you through the cold night like a seasonal cocktail by the fire. Made with sweet and savory rosemary simple syrup and bright white coconut milk, this Winter Wonderland Margarita is your perfect sipper for the occasion. Serve with a candied rosemary sprig for a sparkly, wintry touch.

Honey Crisp Apple Cocktail (from Mooshu Jenne)

HoneyCrispAppleCocktailSmall3 679x1024 1 - Amanda Seghetti

This Honey Crisp Apple cocktail is a great cocktail to sip on through the fall season.

Gingerbread Eggnog Cocktail (from Seasonal Memories)

LRM EXPORT 193236220141434 20181101 121057976 - Amanda Seghetti

Bring on the eggnog, gingerbread, and peppermint served up in a festive, holiday cup. Orrrr…. I could slurp down a creamy gingerbread eggnog cocktail or two. With fresh eggnog, molasses, and spices galore- tied together perfectly with a splash of Kahlua, it will be my holiday drink of choice.

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail (from Always Use Butter)

cranberry champagne cocktail 2 - Amanda Seghetti

A Cranberry Champagne Cocktail is the perfect holiday cocktail – luxuriously sparkling, just the right amount of sweet and with a nice kick from the gin. Oh, and what about that beautiful color??

Cranberry Moscow Mule (from Happy Kitchen)

Cranberry Moscow Mule Closeup - Amanda Seghetti

Cranberry Moscow Mule is the perfect holiday cocktail recipe, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or 4th of July! Easy to put together, easy to tweak, fun to drink and so delicious! Non-alcoholic version provided.

Hot Buttered Rum (from Bitz and Giggles)

Hot Buttered Rum 1 post - Amanda Seghetti

Hot Buttered Rum – This classic hot cocktail is sure to warm you up with a delicious combination of milk, rum and spices. So wonderful and creamy!

Cranberry Bourbon Arnold Palmer (from Vegetarian South)

IMG 8612 - Amanda Seghetti

This Cranberry Arnold Palmer drink is perfect with or without the bourbon. It just depends on the time of day whether or not I add it. If you are not adding the bourbon just add a little more tea. An Arnold Palmer is traditionally half lemonade half tea. This version is perfect for the holidays because it is refreshing and not too sweet or too tart.

Pomegranate Mimosa (from Fresh Simple Home)

Pomegranate Mimosa15 1 - Amanda Seghetti

Nothing screams Christmas brunch more than a Pomegranate Mimosa. The light, bubbly, and sweetness this drink offers is perfect to sip while enjoying Christmas Monkey Bread or an amazing egg omelet. Our recipe is personalized for one serving, but seriously… who stops at one? Pace yourself or don’t – that decision is entirely up to you.


Fall Harvest Sangria (from The Toasty Kitchen)

fall harvest sangria toasty kitchen 7 - Amanda Seghetti

You’ll love this fall harvest sangria because it’s filled with amazing fall flavor. Grab your favorite bottle of white wine to use as the base – I used a bottle of pinot grigio.

Cranberry Sangria (from Flavor the Moments)

cranberry sangria 5 flavorthemoments 600x852 1 - Amanda Seghetti

Cranberry Sangria is a refreshing holiday sangria with fruity red wine, fresh cranberries and warm cinnamon spice. It’s perfect for entertaining!

Red Wine Apple Cider Sangria (from The Fitchen)

Red Wine Apple Cider Sangria 9 - Amanda Seghetti

This sangria recipe is a fall and holiday favorite! Full bodied red wine and apple cider are mixed together and poured over sliced apples and pears.

Fall and Winter White Wine Sangria (from The Rising Spoon)

fall and winter white wine sangria recipe - Amanda Seghetti

An easy white wine sangria recipe featuring gorgeous fall and winter ingredients like cranberries, apples, and oranges. This drink is refreshing, not too sweet (you can adjust it to your taste), and even slightly healthy with the addition of 100% unsweetened cranberry juice. It’s elegant enough to serve at a holiday gathering, yet simple enough for a low-key weeknight dinner.

White Wine Holiday Sangria (from Playdates to Parties)

Holiday White Wine Sangria 02 - Amanda Seghetti

White wine holiday sangria is a crisp and refreshing cocktail that’s perfectly festive for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Winter Sangria (from Homebody Eats)

IMG 20191207 133730 01 1 1536x2048 1 - Amanda Seghetti

Fill your holiday parties with pitchers of winter sangria – it’s addicting…you might need to make two.

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25 Fall and Winter Drinks and Cocktails - Amanda Seghetti

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