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If you’re looking for a pink rainbow themed bedroom that’s perfect for a little girl, you’re in luck! We recently gave my little girl a bedroom makeover to help her settle into our new home. I’m sharing all of her girly pink bedroom decor, full of rainbows, unicorns, and adorable feminine accents!

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Never in a million years did I think I would resort to pink for a little girls bedroom, but here I am. And not only pink bedroom decor, but there are rainbows and unicorns too! When Hunter was born, I was adamantly anti-pink. I named her HUNTER, if that tells you anything.

But with Aren, all that went out the window. I’m embracing the girly decor and frills and she has had a girls bedroom makeover fit for a princess! I’m so happy to share another room in our home – so scroll down to see Aren’s bedroom makeover!

Pink Bedding with Unicorns and Ballerinas

You may remember when I shared Aren’s new pink bedding from Pottery Barn Kids earlier this year (and they shared it too!!). We got rid of her floor bed and upgraded her to a twin in the hopes that she would be motivated to sleep alone.

While we only got minor success from that tactic, we did at least get more floor space!

little girls bedroom makeover

Shop Aren’s bedroom look here

She and I both love her pink bedding though. It’s so soft and comfy and the quality is outstanding. We got both unicorn sheets and ballerina sheets, which we rotate depending on which she loves more at the time. She’s been fond of the unicorns lately, but now that she’s in dance she may prefer the ballerinas!

The decorative unicorn throw pillow ends up on the floor occasionally, but it makes a good doll pillow. I think the tassel tail is adorable.

Of course the linen blackout curtains are the icing on the cake. Literally, the ruffles remind me of icing. From a practical standpoint – they are AMAZING at blocking out early morning sunlight and evening heat. Some things are just really important to moms in Georgia.

Bedside Table

Does this side table look familiar? It used to be in Rowen’s bedroom in Colorado, but we switched it over to Aren’s room instead!

While not necessarily a “girl’s table,” the heart cutout on the side is slightly feminine and it just seems to be a good fit in her room.

canton bedside table from delta children

Aren keeps her favorite books on the little shelf under the table, and some of her dolls and stuffies on top. There’s actually a little pull-out shelf on the side of the table where she keeps pictures of me. She likes to hold a photo when she falls asleep.

Awww! She’s the cutest little stinker.

Have you experienced the amazingness of a white noise machine? We started using it when Aren was a baby because our dog has no chill. The noise not only helps Aren and Rowen fall asleep, but it muffles any extra noise from the TV or the loud dog.

We are so attached to our Hatch Baby sound machines that we made sure to take one with us everywhere this summer. No joke.

Unicorn Toy Box

We have one of these Hurricane Munchkin fabric toy boxes right now in our playroom and love it! It has a bee on the front, and is super cute. It used to be in Rowen’s bedroom in Colorado to hold his little stuffed animals.

I decided to move it into the playroom in our new house since I’m trying to limit the number of toys in their bedrooms.

Keeping the mess contained to one room is how I try to keep my sanity.

hurricane munchkin unicorn toybox

Anyway, these storage boxes are made of fabric and velcro (and maybe a firm cardboard inside?) so you don’t have to worry about the kids smashing their fingers or getting trapped inside. I promise you, they WILL crawl inside.

This little unicorn toy box has become the new home for all of Aren’s Disney friends. They used to just all get thrown into the corner of her closet and that wasn’t working for me.

I’ve found that if everything has a “home” then it’s much easier to teach the kids how to put away their belongings.

It’s the little things, I tell ya.

Rainbow Wallpaper Mural

If I’m being totally honest, I am struggling to find the words to even talk about this part of my little girls bedroom. I mean, it MAKES the room. It is the focal point. When I step out of my bedroom, I can look down the hall and see the beautiful colors above her bed.

And whyyy was I ever against girly bedroom decor? Because this rainbow is FABULOUS.

rainbow wallpaper

The perfect little girls bedroom makeover for any imaginative little princess.

I loved the mountain mural I painted in Aren’s bedroom in Colorado. It was a labor of love and I was really sad to let it go. I wanted her new bedroom here to be just as special.

But there was zero part of my being that wanted to paint another mural. Z E R O.

So when someone recommended Anewall Decor on Instagram and I started scrolling their feed, I saw a picture of this rainbow wallpaper mural. And basically imaginary unicorns leapt across my brain as I started imagining how it would look in Aren’s bedroom.

little girls pink bedroom makeover

I didn’t have to imagine for very long because not long after I sent in the measurements of Aren’s bedroom wall, the wallpaper was delivered to my house. Unfortunately for me, I missed out on most of the excitement of installing it (which was SUPER easy and quick), while Arien and my father-in-law had all the fun. Shoulder surgery really gets in the way.

But I get to look at it every day, the large colorful arches that look like a life-size watercolor painting. And it’s a timeless look that I know she will love for a long time.

Rainbow Bedroom Makeover for Little Girls

Dress Up Storage Center

This dress up storage carousel from Guidecraft is another piece of furniture that Aren had in her old bedroom. No real changes or updates here, other than accumulating some new dresses and accessories.

Guidecraft dress up storage for girls

There were a few ratty pieces of clothing that may have been mysteriously “lost” between Colorado and Georgia. We’ll never know what happened…

I wrote a post last year about the importance of dress-up and how it helps with child development. Looking back at the photos, it’s amazing how much Aren has grown!

And I remember wondering at the time how long she would continue to play with her “dress-up” as she calls it. Here we are over a year later, and she’s still going strong.

Little Girls Bedroom Decor

I changed out a lot of the wall decor from Aren’s old bedroom. Some were things that I felt she had outgrown, some were things I just didn’t like. I wanted to add just a few things to enhance her new bedroom makeover without making it feel too crowded. The rainbow mural makes such a statement that not much else is needed!

blabla kids rainbow mobile

This rainbow mobile from Blabla Kids was the perfect rainbow accessory for her room. I need to install an anchor to be able to hang it directly from the ceiling, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet. For now, it is attached to the side of her curtain rod.

Did you know Blabla Kids was based out of Atlanta? I love finding local shops to support!

little girls bedroom bedside table

I’ve shared Aren’s little bunny from London + Twig before. She got it earlier this year in her Easter basket. This doll is one of my favorites.

unicorn wall decor little girls bedroom

Hunter and I found this unicorn wall decor one day while walking around downtown Woodstock. I didn’t buy it that day and was worried I had missed out! But I went back to Fashion Cupcake last week, and thankfully it was still there!

I love the simplicity of this piece. Girly without being too over-the-top. Just like Aren.

little girls bedroom wall decor every day i love you sign

And then finally, this little wall. I found these shelves on Amazon, and so far I’ve only put her letter A and this little faux flower on them. The mirror is one she’s had all along. I’m still undecided on what I want to do in this space, but I figure it’s best if I keep things minimal while I let my mind work on it.

What do you think of this little girls bedroom makeover? Which part did you like the most? I’m always looking to add or change things up, so if you see something you think I’ll love, let me know!

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    1. Hi Vicky – I didn’t even realize I didn’t put a link for the curtains! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. These were from Pottery Barn Kids. I’ll get a link added in the post!

    1. Sorry, I don’t! It’s the same neutral off-white that’s was on all of the walls when we bought our house. I did just get a can of paint made recently for touchups – if you want me to show you the label I can! I don’t think it has a name, but it probably has the color combinations to make it.

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