Graduate Christmas Ornament- A Quick & Easy Memento

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Looking for a simple but thoughtful DIY gift for a graduate? We have some really quick and easy Christmas ornaments that are perfect for the graduates in your life. No matter what time of year, these ornaments will be a reminder of their huge accomplishment – and will deserve a spot front and center on their Christmas tree!

This Graduate Christmas Ornament tutorial is part of our Christmas ornament series, so be sure to check them all out!

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Supplies For Grad Tassel Ornaments

For my graduate Christmas ornaments, I use a large bulb. The reasoning behind a larger bulb is so that the tassel does not get completely bunched up at the bottom of the ornament.

You can find clear Christmas Ornaments at Walmart, at Michaels and even at Dollar Tree!

  • Large Christmas Ornament
  • Grad Tassel (choose any color of a basic tassel like this, or see if your grad has an extra souvenir tassel from their school that you can use)
  • Pliers
  • Punch
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Vinyl
  • Pick
  • Transfer tape
  • Paper towel
  • Squeegee
  • Cricut (I use my Cricut Joy, but any Cricut machine will work)

Graduation Christmas Ornaments are very simple to make and a great way to recognize a recent graduate.

Graduate Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

gradaute christmas ornament

Attach the Tassel to the Graduate Ornament

First, the top of the Christmas ornament needs to be removed. Usually, they come off quite easily by gently squeezing the round hanging loop together and pulling upward.

Second, take a pair of pliers and squeeze the little metal prongs together and remove the hanging loop from the top.

You will then need to make the hole a bit larger to allow the tassel to come up through the top. I usually use a punch to enlarge the opening a bit.

Once the hole is larger push the top of the tassel through the hole. It is easier if you twist it a few times and use a pick or needle to pull it up and through.

Once the top loop of the graduate tassel is through the metal top of Christmas ornament tie the tassel tightly.

Reinsert the metal prongs into the ornament top.

Twist the tassel a few times and then insert it into the Christmas bulb. Stop once you meet the year plaque and carefully tilt and insert it. Push the prongs together and secure the top.

Ensure the tassel is sitting nice and neat inside. Sometimes you may need to try again to get the year to sit flat.

People love personalized gifts! They are unique and thoughtful!

Personalize Ornament with Graduate’s Name

Wash the ornament with rubbing alcohol and paper towel then set it aside and allow to air dry.

Using your Cricut or other cutting machine, design your name decal. Aim for sizing of 1-1/4 inches tall x 3-inches in length depending on the size of the bulb you choose to use.

Oracal 651 is a permanent vinyl that will stay in place for years to come. There are other brands out there but Oracal is great!

I usually try to choose a corresponding color that goes well with the tassel or simple black which shows up well. Make sure your cut settings are correct and cut out the name of the graduate student using Oracal 651. I like to use a nice bold script font.

Weed – Remove the excess vinyl from decal that is not part of the design.

Weed out your design and apply transfer tape to it. Rub vigorously with a squeegee to ensure it is stuck on the transfer tape. Lift gently from the white paper backing. Make sure to use nice bright lighting when weeding or a backlight if you have one.

Apply the graduate’s name to the Christmas ornament. This may take a few times to get used to and you will find out what works best for you. Practice makes perfect. Some people like to start in the middle and some like to start from one end. I use both methods depending on the size and shape of the design.

Ensure there are no bubbles under the vinyl and the edges are well sealed. Make sure to rub it on really well but be careful not to indent the bulb.

Graduation Christmas Keepsake Ornament

Didn’t I say this was a quick and easy memento tutorial?!? I truly hope that the Graduate in your life loves our Graduate Christmas Ornament.

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