Top 5 Best Foldable Weight Benches

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If you’re looking to improve your fitness at home, you’re going to need some basic gym equipment – including a weight bench. Even if you don’t have a lot of space in your home, a weight bench is pretty important. Luckily there are some great foldable weight benches out there to help you save space!

Before you buy the first (or cheapest) one you find, let me help you pick the best one for your needs. Here I’ve listed the 5 best foldable weight benches available today!

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Why A Weight Bench?

First, a weight bench grants you versatility. Unlike other equipment and machines, you can exercise in different ways. You can use many muscles in your body and allow yourself to be more fitter. 

A weight bench is a handy piece of equipment to have at home. If you’re too busy to hit the gym three to four days a week, you can just use a few pieces of equipment to workout at home. In the long run, this option will prove to be more cost-effective.

Plus, if you’re building a home gym and want to lift weights, a weight bench is one of those pieces of equipment you really can’t do without. 

What To Look For When Buying A Foldable Weight Bench?

If you’re in the market for a weight bench, but space in your home is limited, you’re going to want to find a foldable weight bench that is compact with good quality.

The most crucial aspect you need to consider before buying a foldable weight bench is its strength. Since you’ll likely rest your whole body’s weight against it (plus whatever free weights you are holding), you want the weight bench to be extremely durable. It should not shake, and it should not move.

A weight bench that moves or shakes when you rest yourself against it is clearly not worth your money. (Trust me, I have one.) This brings us to the quality of the materials used in making the bench. You want a bench made of a strong and sturdy material such as steel construction. Plastic or other light weight materials are not the best option for a great bench.

The second is comfort. For sure, nobody would like to do bench presses on a hard weight bench that gives their body discomfort. You don’t want it to be too soft either. It should have enough padding to get you through your workout.

Third is compactness. Since we’re talking about foldable weight benches, this part is key. Folding should be somewhat effortless and easy. Save that energy for your workout!

Be sure to measure your area if you don’t have much space for a bench. There are adjustable benches that take up as much floor space as a coffee table, so you’re sure to find a foldable workout bench with a small footprint. However, it’s best to check the size of your space and the size of the bench before you order!

Extra tips:

  1. Check the adjustability of the weight bench before you buy it. Some weight benches have the option for incline and decline positions; some maintain a flat position only. Adjustable weight benches usually cost a little more than standard benches, but may be worth the price if you need different configurations for your workout routine.
  1. There should be great value for money. If you’re buying a costly folding weight bench, it should deliver. Flat benches at a lower price may work better for a tight budget, but either way you should get a good bench at a great price point.
  1. The structure and the build should be strong. This is important. You want a foldable bench that is heavy duty enough to handle your body weight plus any heavy weights you are lifting. Check for the maximum weight capacity to ensure it suits your needs.
  1. Consider whether you need any additional features besides just a folding bench. Do you also need a barbell rack for a top-quality workout? Do you need an adjustable seat? A pad for preacher curls? These may not be important things for your needs, but are options to consider.

Here are my top picks for foldable weight benches that work great in small spaces, along with pros and cons of each. I’m pretty confident that you’ll be happy with any of these options, but be sure to check all the details for yourself!

1. FLYBIRD Weight Bench

Flybird weight bench

We’ll start with my personal favorite – the FLYBIRD. This foldable weight bench is made of alloy steel. It weighs 28 pounds, and the color is black. The dimensions are 34.65 x 15.94 x 10.63 inches. Super quick setup – you’ll be ready to go in just 5 minutes.

The first thing you’ll notice about this foldable weight bench is its fantastic design. This fitness equipment will last around 20 years! The manufacturers designed this weight bench with durability in mind. They know customers look for durability, so they provided just that.

Secondly, the bench has excellent quality. It’s made from commercial thickness steel, and it has been tested repeatedly to ensure that you don’t get hurt while exercising. This weight bench is built to last!

Moreover, it can take up to 700 lbs of weight. The high capacity it can bear is yet another proof that the weight bench is high-quality. It has a unique frame with a triangular structure that makes it sturdy. A sturdy weight bench is all that you need.

What I love most about this bench – it surpasses others in adjustment as well. With 7 back positions and 3 seat positions, it has a fast adjustment system supplemented with an automatic lock feature. The fast bolt can be adjusted and locked automatically with minimal effort. You can quickly switch from a bench press to incline or decline presses.

To ensure that your body stays discomfort-free, the weight bench has 2” soft foam padding. It has a 10.6” upgraded backrest and the seat is made of leather. All of this, along with the soft padding, will provide you with a comfortable experience.

Flybird foldable weight bench

Plus, you can fold this bench after use! You don’t need to waste your time and effort assembling it either. When folded, its dimensions are 30” L x 16”2 x 9” H. You can place it under your bed or in your storage room when you finish exercising.

The one potential downside to this bench is that it’s slightly taller than most other benches. I personally like the height, but some prefer a bench lower to the ground.

With the purchase, you get a 1 year cover on the frame and 30 days cover on the pads. This is the best folding weight bench in my opinion, and a great addition to your home gym.

Definitely check both sites for the best price! Amazon often offers a clickable coupon, but I’ve seen sales on the Flybird website too.

2. Gym Quality Foldable Flat Bench 

gym quality foldable weight bench

This product is for those buyers who’re looking to buy a rather simpler version, or who want a more budget-friendly option for weight training. This compact weight bench may look small but don’t underestimate it.

Starting with the quality, it’s made from high-grade steel with a scratch-resistant powder-coated finish. It can endure the toughest exercise routines you throw at it!

The foldable weight bench offers comfortable support to your body. It has a large diameter of 45 L x 16.5 W x 18 H inches and a comfortable seat pad. The weight bench promises to grant you consistent comfort throughout your fitness exercise. 

You can practice tons of exercises on this new weight bench and transform your body any way you like. The bench will support your core, and it won’t shake or wobble.

Moving ahead, the weight bench is built for versatile use. You can use it to do your strength training exercises; you can lift weights and do crunches of all kinds. This weight bench is highly recommended for other workouts like dumbbell presses, chest presses, tricep bench, dips and others. You can use it with a squat rack as well.

With its simple design, this is the most compact bench on our list! You can easily fold and store it quickly under your bed or in a closet. Its size makes it ideal for a house or an apartment and even a home gym. 

The biggest downside of this bench is that it does not offer adjustments to different angles for incline/decline exercises. Even so, it’s a solid weight bench that will support you through your workouts.

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3. RitFit Foldable Utility Weight Bench

ritfit adjustable weight bench

Next up, we have your traditional weight bench that weighs 33 pounds and comes in Silver/Black color. It has a weight capacity of 510 pounds, and the dimensions are 45.5 x 18.45 x 16.1 inches.

Let’s brush over the features.

What makes this weight bench stand out is its adjustability and utility. You can adjust the back pads and the seat into different positions. It has 5 back position adjustment and 4 seat position adjustment. You can adjust it to your liking without ever being stuck to one setting.

You can set it up as an incline bench, decline bench, or lay it flat for different types of exercises, lifting weights and crunches or curls. 

Moreover, this adjustable strength training bench is safe for use. It’s made from a durable steel frame, and this provides it with a solid structure. Don’t worry; the weight bench won’t move an inch while you exercise. It will remain steady!

This bench has a load capacity of 800 pounds – which is way more than I’ll ever need to lift! But if you’re a super bada** lifter and need that much support from a bench, this one has you covered.

Another brilliant aspect about this foldable weight bench is its convenience. You can fold it and store it away just about anywhere. It asks for minimal assembly, and you can conveniently fold and place it against a wall, under your bed or in a closet.

This foldable weight bench has an ergonomic design. It’s compact yet effective and multifunctional. The manufacturer has designed this product in a way that grants you, the customer, maximum mobility when you’re trying to exercise. You can move in various ways, and the soft leather, filled with dense foam padding, will protect you from discomfort. 

After buying this foldable weight bench, you get a 3-year warranty on the frame, 30 days warranty on the upholstery. 

4. Ativafit Adjustable Weight Bench

Ativafit adjustable weight bench

Ativafit has brought a classic, modern-styled foldable weight bench. It comes in this black and red color. I think it’s pretty. 😉

This foldable weight bench is multi-purpose. You can now enjoy 7 backrest pad positions, and this will grant you the ability to enjoy almost all types of exercises and workouts. Plus, the foldable design will save you a lot of space. You can easily slide it under your bed.

The most outstanding feature about this foldable weight bench is its ergonomic design. A durable core supports it, and the comfortable high-density foam padding and seat will inflate your experience with comfort. 

You can do all sorts of exercise training and workouts that involve your chest, shoulders, back, abs, etc. This will boost your upper body strength. While the bench doesn’t adjust completely upright to 90 degrees, it does sit upright enough for shoulder presses.

The folding weight bench is steady and safe. You won’t fall over if you rest yourself against it.

It does have a much lower weight capacity than other models, with a max weight capacity of 330 pounds. If you aren’t a very heavy person and aren’t planning to lift over 100 pounds while on the bench, you should be fine with this bench.

It comes with detachable resistance bands which seem like a cool feature, but they don’t offer a lot of resistance. I personally just stick to my dumbbells. All in all, this is a solid purchase at a reasonable price.

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5. Adjustable Weight Bench with Foldable Incline by MaxiGym

MaxiGym adjustable foldable weight bench

We have another (pretty!) red and black colored foldable weight bench for you. It’s made of steel, and the weight limit is 510 pounds.

This sleek weight bench has 6 possible back positions and 4 possible seat positions for you to choose from! Perfect for incline, decline, and flat bench exercises.

Plus, if you’re a beginner, you can design workouts from the poster that includes 47 possible exercises. If you aren’t sure how to properly perform an exercise, just check the poster for a demonstration!

Speaking of beginners, this foldable weight bench isn’t one. It has a durable core that’s built from a heavy-duty steel frame. What this does is, it’ll strengthen the base of the bench and allow you to exercise with ease. It won’t wobble or shake; rest assured.

However, it can take up to 510 lbs with a 400 safe load capacity.

You can fold and store this weight bench under a bed or store it in your closet or storage room. If you have a home gym, you can simply place it against a wall. 

Let’s talk about the build of the weight bench now. It has a soft leather exterior with a padded foam interior, and this should make the whole experience enjoyable for you. You can exercise your legs, core and the entire body with this by your side!

This versatile foldable weight bench is ideal for people who are looking to transform their bodies. The possibilities with this weight bench are endless; you can switch up arms, legs, chest, abs on separate days and improve your health and fitness as you go.

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So which one of these foldable weight benches works best for you? Or if you’re looking at them as a gift for weightlifters, which would you choose? We’d love to know what you think in a comment below!

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