20 Best Gifts for Weightlifters

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If you or someone you know is into weightlifting or bodybuilding you know that the lifestyle extends beyond the time spent in the gym. Serious weightlifters are making changes and improvements in all aspects of their life so finding the right gifts for weightlifters shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Weightlifters are doing incredible things in the weight room but are also looking to improve diet and sleep as well. The needs of a weightlifter are unique but there are plenty of perfect gift ideas that are tailored to their lifestyle. In fact, many of the ideas from my gift guide for fitness lovers would also be perfect for a weightlifter.

Buying a gift that matches someone’s interests is thoughtful but it can be difficult to do if their interests are different from yours.

As a personal trainer, I know that a great gift idea for gym junkies who love to lift heavy weights is very different from my weightlifting friends who have a home gym or who may even be new to strength training.

But no need to worry, because I’ve done the work for you! I’m sharing the best ideas to help you find some amazing gifts for your gym lover friends.

Get ready to see the delight in their eyes when your friend or loved one opens their present to discover that you got them one of these best gifts for weightlifters. 

gifts for bodybuilders - Amanda Seghetti

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20 Best Gift Ideas for Weightlifters

H20 capsule water bottle
Photo via H2O Capsule

1. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important and many bodybuilders are drinking up to a gallon of water a day. A large water bottle like this 74 oz. H2O capsule with carry pouch is perfect for taking to the gym or keeping with them all day long.

You may be thinking, “But they already have a water bottle, so do they really need another one?” Yes. We do. We lose them, we forget to wash them, they sometimes break… An extra water bottle (especially one made of durable materials like this one) is always an ideal gift for a fitness fanatic.

Triggerpoint foam rollers
Photo via Triggerpoint

2. Foam Rollers

Weightlifting builds muscle but can lead to kinks and soreness as well. Work out all of the problems with Triggerpoint grid foam rollers that are designed to reduce soreness and improve mobility.

I like this one because the grid design actually feels good, in a weird way. These come in a variety of colors (I’m fond of the mint color myself) but black is pretty basic. They also have different sizes and firmness – and even a vibrating one that is pretty amazing – but this original one is just the right size for most weight lifter needs.

Versa Gripps wrist straps
Photo via VersaGripps

3. Wrist Straps and Wrist Wraps

Stabilizing the wrist can lead to heavier lifts and reduced risk of injury for bodybuilders. Versa Gripps wrist straps are designed to give weightlifters the support they need to reach a personal best. They are actually my favorite brand of wrist straps to use when I’m doing heavy deadlifts and my grip strength can’t keep up with the extra weight on my bar.

Rip Toned wrist wraps

Rip Toned wrist straps are another great thing for your weightlifter friend, and make the perfect stocking stuffer! These adjustable straps support the wrists to help with proper form and stability as you lift weights, especially with exercises like the bench press where the wrist may easily bend backwards.

You can choose a different color or stiffness/flexibility (there are over 20 options) but black is usually a pretty safe option.

71dWQN6w8cL. AC SX679 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via Hawk Fitness

4. Dip Belt

A sturdy dip belt is the perfect accessory for pull ups and dips in the weight room. The Hawk Fitness dip belt is designed to work for both men and women. And since it’s adjustable, you don’t have to worry about knowing sizes. The adjustable 36″ chain lets you put the weight plates in the most comfortable position for your chosen exercise.

VoltRx electric shaker bottle
Photo via VoltRx

5. Shaker Bottle

Shaker bottles are a weightlifter’s best friend and you can never have enough. They are perfect for mixing up supplements and gainers and most weightlifters have a shaker bottle or two in their gym bag. The VoltRx electric bottle ensures a perfect blend every time. It’s USB rechargeable so it’s easy to recharge just about anywhere.

81jhCZGUJpL. AC SX425 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via Intent Sports

6. Battle Rope

Core strength is essential for bodybuilders and weightlifters. The Intent Sports battle ropes provide an excellent cardio workout while strengthening the core and burning fat.

We recently added this to our home gym and it’s a pretty awesome tool to incorporate into your home workout. Battle ropes are fun and you get great results in a small amount of time.

71rSuX74O7L. AC UX679 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via Travando

7. Wallet

A new wallet is a great gift for anyone. Bodybuilders might prefer a slim wallet that doesn’t look bulky in their pocket. This slim wallet has a money clip and RFID blocking technology to keep credit and debit card information safe.

71A85T22JNS. AC SX425 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via ThinkScale

8. Digital Food Scale

The most successful body builders not only pay close attention to how they move their body, they pay attention to what they put into their body. Different training may require bulking or cutting to help them reach their current fitness goals. Digital food scales are the perfect tool for the job.

I’ve had this exact food scale for about 6 years and it is still going strong! It can measure in ounces or grams, and is essential when I’m trying to make sure I hit my macros each day. If your bodybuilding friend doesn’t own this, it definitely needs to be one of their Christmas gifts this year.

91ZWs1N4NXL. AC SX679 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo by FocusGear

9. Gym Bag

A quality gym bag is an essential accessory for anyone who travels from home to the gym. Keep all your gear contained in this new gym bag so you have everything you need. This Focus Gear Ultimate Gym Bag has waterproof compartments for shoes and pockets that are perfect for water bottles or shaker bottles.

514kxGbCkeL. AC UX679 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo by UnderArmour

10. Workout Compression Shirt

A compression shirt is tight-fitting so it won’t get in the way of your equipment while it provides all the benefits of proper compression. This Under Armour Compression Shirt has four-way stretch fabric and is machine washable.

51WPD oetHL. AC SX679 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via Bose

11. Wireless Earbuds

Music can set the right mood for a weightlifting session but no one wants to get tangled up in cords. A set of wireless earbuds like these Bose Sport Earbuds are sweat-resistant and give you crystal clear sound.

Earbuds are also great for bodybuilders who are into running. Check out my Gift Guide for Runners for more ideas.

- Amanda Seghetti
Photo via Celebrita

12. Arm Curl Blaster

Celebrita Arm Blaster for Biceps is the ultimate weightlifting accessory. It’s tested and proven to give a comfortable curling experience that’s better than the preacher curl attachment. This bicep isolator will help you achieve perfect form and reach your goals.

41iag5vRGVL. AC SX679 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via FitBit

13. Fitness Watch

The FitBit Charge 5 is an advanced fitness tracker that includes stress management tools and is designed to monitor heart rate, sleep and more. A fitness watch makes a great stocking stuffer.

Check out Stocking Stuffers for Fitness Lovers for more small gift ideas!

- Amanda Seghetti
Photo via Logest

14. Fractional Weight Lifting Plates

When making gains towards a new goal, sometimes the going is slow. Fractional weight lifting plates can help you inch along and reach your goal faster. This is a great gift for weightlifters who seem to already have everything.

812RmJRSKML. AC SX679 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via Redify

15. Jump Rope

A good jump rope can increase muscle engagement, increase mental sharpness and burn loads of calories so it’s a common choice to improve cardio for weightlifters and body builders. The Redify Weighted Jump Rope glides smoothly and can easily be adjusted to your height.

71E7mBZqzL. AC SX425 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via NutriBullet

16. Blender

A high quality blender is essential for a weightlifter’s dietary needs. The NutriBullet Blender Combo includes a multi-serving pitcher and a single-serve cup so it’s perfect for mixing meals or making individual smoothies.

51ZrS1jL7WL. AC SX425 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via Bowflex

17. Adjustable Dumbbell Set

An adjustable dumbbell set is perfect for getting in some weight training at home, and is one of the best fitness gifts I can recommend (and yes, I gifted these to myself haha).

The compact design makes it perfect for small spaces, especially if you’re like me and don’t have room for 10 pairs of dumbbells. It’s also easy to adjust so you can increase or decrease weight quickly and move on with your set.

These have also been in my home gym for 7 years, and have lasted through many, many workouts – with my husband, my teens, and myself. While they are one of the more expensive items on this list, they are the best thing I have in my gym and are absolutely worth it.

- Amanda Seghetti
Photo via AbMat

18. AbMat

The AbMat provides a full range of motion to help you target abdominal muscles while helping to prevent injury. You can use the AbMat to do a variety of exercises that work both abdominal and back muscles.

81E6QUmEzhL. AC SX425 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via George Foreman

19. George Foreman Grill

A George Foreman grill is essential for cooking lean protein fast. The small compact design is easy to clean and it has a variety of uses.

818Xr8h2C4L. SL1500 - Amanda Seghetti
Photo via Amazon

20. Supplement Gift Card

Supplements are often an integral part of a bodybuilder’s lifestyle but supplements are also highly personal and selected based on specific training needs. While I wouldn’t suggest purchasing any supplements, an Amazon gift card lets them purchase exactly what they need.

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