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Here it is: my first holiday gift guide of 2019! And I am kicking it off with one of the most difficult of them all: the holiday gift guide for men. Is it just me, or are men SO hard to shop for? How do you find gifts for the man who has everything? My husband usually buys what he wants himself, so I always end up stumped for the holidays. But this year, I think I’m on top of it! These are all of my tried-and-true gift ideas for men that he is SURE to love.

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Men

Whether you are shopping for your husband, your boyfriend, or your dad, these gifts are sure to make him happy! There are gifts for sports lovers, techies, outdoorsmen, and travelers. From big ticket items all the way down to unique stocking stuffers for men, this holiday gift guide has a little bit of everything!

And just so you know, these gift ideas for men were actually recommended by MEN! None of those “oh he will love this” and then he doesn’t. These aren’t gifts his mom is thinking of. These are gifts he actually wants.

If you see something you love in this holiday gift guide for men, please consider checking out by clicking my link in your web browser. I do earn a small commission on purchases made through my links, but not those made through an app or in a store. I ONLY ever recommend products we truly use and love, and your support helps our family so much! Thank you!

Gift Ideas for Men Numbered

Man Crates: There seems to be a Man Crate theme for almost any kind of guy. Pizza making, grill masters, duck call making, whiskey and nuts, or this NFL Barware Crate that he can enjoy immediately. These have a huge range in prices, so there’s something to fit almost every budget.

Saxx mens Christmas boxer briefs gift

SAXX Underwear: This is one of those gifts that you can enjoy as much as he does! SAXX Underwear is “life changing” with its BallPark Pouch. It keeps everything in its place, because not all balls are made to bounce around. With a variety of fun designs (like this holiday print) and different fits to fit his lifestyle, this is sure to be his favorite stocking stuffer. And once you get your hands on the super soft fabric, you’ll both be having a holly jolly Christmas.

iJoy Massage Chair: This massage chair is maybe one of my top gift ideas for men, and Arien will agree. I bought it for him last Christmas, and it was definitely a gift he wouldn’t have bought for himself! It has been used often over the past year, and is great for him to sit in for a quick massage at the end of the day. If you are thinking I bought him this chair while selfishly planning to enjoy it myself, you’re right. I love it.

Lifestyle blogger Amanda Seghetti shares her massage chair in her 2019 holiday gift ideas for men

Shiatsu Foot Massager: While he is sitting in his massage chair (in his underwear, let’s be honest), he can pamper his feet with this Shiatsu foot massager. With various pressure settings and a heat function, you never have to massage his feet again. Unless you want to. For a lower price point, this foot spa is another we have enjoyed.

YETI Rambler 30 oz Tumbler: Forget about the VSCO girls, we have the YETI men! If you haven’t experienced the awesomeness of a YETI tumbler, it can be difficult to understand why they are so great. Not only does this tumbler hold a lot of liquid (coffee is our favorite), but it will keep your liquids hot or cold for a LONG time. Make it a little more personal with this laser engraved YETI.

Men’s UGG Scuff Slipper: My husband hates having cold feet, and I don’t enjoy his cold feet either! He can shuffle around the house in the mornings with these comfy and warm slippers. They are built to last, so prepare to enjoy them for a while!

ButcherBox: If the man in your life is a meat lover, then you’re going to find the way to his heart with ButcherBox. Give him a box full of delicious grass-fed, free-range, organic meat that is humanely raised. Then sit back and reap the benefits when he starts cooking.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case: These aren’t just for teenagers to listen to music. AirPods have become one thing Arien can’t live without! They are perfect for conference calls to keep your hands free, and come in handy when he wants to watch sports videos on his phone in bed.

Tile holiday gift guide for men

Tile Pro: While you’re grabbing those AirPods, go ahead and stuff a pack of Tiles into his stocking too. Never again do I have to hear him ask if I’ve seen his wallet, keys, or AirPods. The Tile Pro clips onto a keychain or slips into his wallet so he can locate a lost item with his phone. It’s a win-win for both of us.

Dollar Shave Club: Arien has been using Dollar Shave Club since before we started dating, so it isn’t something I’ve been able to gift to him. We both agree it belongs in the gift ideas for men though! It’s something we would recommend to any non-DSC members. Super inexpensive membership for quality razors that you never have to forget to buy at the store. For a guy who shaves his head almost daily, Arien is a pretty good judge of razors. (And if you’re signing up for a subscription, make sure you use Rakuten to get cash back on your purchase!)

Wooden Beard Comb: This is just a super inexpensive and attractive beard tool that I just couldn’t pass up. Plus I want to enjoy this beard phase as long as possible, so I’ll gift him all the beard-loving products I can to make that happen. Maybe a little Viking Beard Oil to go with the comb?

Cord Travel Organizer: Know a man who travels often? He will love this travel organizer that keeps all of his electronic cords and plugs from getting lost. Travel pro tip: Keep all the slots full so you know when you’re about to forget a cord in a hotel room! This organizer is durable and budget friendly. For a nicer option, try this leather tech envelope.

Tushy Classic Bidet: Ok, bear with me on this. I know it sounds crappy, but I promise this gift won’t stink. We don’t yet have this Tushy product, but a friend has told us how much they LOVE theirs. And honestly, I have some serious FOMO about it so it’s on the way to our house. I have a feeling once your man tries the Tushy, he won’t poopoo on your fresh idea! Tie it up with the ottoman or a Squatty Potty (we have one at every toilet), and then slip some Poo-Pourri into his stocking. You’ll be glad you did.

Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ Bundle: We don’t have the bundle yet, but we are getting it! And we aren’t waiting for Christmas either. We are already loving Disney+ and want to add the rest of the package. With the current bundle price being only $12.99, it’s totally worth it. (Right now there’s a Rakuten rebate up to $10 cash back for this too!)

Amazon Echo great holiday gift ideas for men

Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon FireStick: These almost always are on an amazing sale on Black Friday, so watch out for those price cuts. And once they drop, you might as well get both of these. We have an Echo Dot in our kitchen and bedroom, and a FireStick for every TV. Dad can sit in his massage chair with his feet in his massager and tell Alexa to turn on his favorite movie. Four presents working at once. His day will be made. If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, make sure you get that as well!

That wraps up my 2019 gift ideas for men! Which ones will you be grabbing this year? Or do you have other suggestions that I can use? Because please. Help a girl out. My holiday gift guide for men is complete for y’all, but I still have to shop!

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