80 Day Obsession Meal Plan A – Recipes and Tips!

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Autumn Calabrese and Beachbody are back again with an amazing workout program! 80 Day Obsession was created to give you flat abs and a sculpted booty – and a fit body in between! The key to success with 80 Day Obsession is the timed nutrition eating plan – and I’m sharing my 80 Day Obsession meal plan to help you get the results you’re looking for!

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What is 80 Day Obsession?

80 Day Obsession is a home workout program with celebrity fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese. Autumn previously gave us 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Country Heat, and The Master’s Hammer & Chisel. (Check out my 21 Day Fix and 21DFX meal plans for more meal ideas.)

The 80 Day Obsession program uses 80 different workout videos, offered exclusively on Beachbody on Demand. These workouts combined with a timed nutrition program, Shakeology, and the Beachbody Performance Line, can give you incredible results!

How Do the Colored Containers Work?

The colored containers, or portion control containers, are the same ones we first saw with 21 Day Fix.

Each container is used to measure a specific food group to help you manage the proper portions for your personal calorie range. Instead of counting macros or weighing your food, the portions help you to meal prep to continue a healthy eating lifestyle by showing you about how much of each type of food is recommended.

Unlike 21 Day Fix, Autumn uses a timed nutrition eating plan to take 80 Day Obsession up a notch. She gives you the best container combinations to ensure you get the proper fuel and nutrition to really maximize the effectiveness of your workouts!

80 Day Obsession Meal Plan A

Click here for 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan C, or here for my printable 80 Day Obsession Meal Planner.

As with my meals for Plan C, I found that making a list for each meal combo is easiest for me to pick and choose what I want to eat each day. Here are my 45 meal options (click through linked meals for 80 Day Obsession recipes):

80 Day Obsession: Meal Option 1 (Can be swapped with Pre-workout meal)

Purple container, Red container, Teaspoon

  • 2 boiled eggs, apple, peanut butter
  • greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, peanut butter
  • greek yogurt with mixed berries, a tiny bit of vanilla extract, and cinnamon stirred in; PB warmed and drizzled on top
  • Shakeology, berries, peanut butter
  • Chocolate shakeology blended with 1/2 banana and PB (Reese’s shake!)
  • 2 eggs, apples baked with cinnamon, PB
  • Cottage cheese, berries, PB

Clearly I have a thing for peanut butter. (If you’re gluten free, be sure to check out these gluten free peanut butter options!)

80 day obsession meal plan A buffalo sauce on stack of buffalo chicken egg muffins
Egg muffins with veggies

See all of my favorite chocolate Shakeology recipes here!

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80 Day Obsession: Meal Option 2

Green container, Blue container

  • Tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese
  • Carrots and hummus
  • Peppers and hummus
  • Celery and hummus (this could go on all day)
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts sprinkled with shaved parmesan
  • Steamed broccoli and shredded cheese melted on top
  • Baked sliced peppers and cheese
  • Spinach salad with feta and lemon juice
  • Spinach salad with avocado and lemon juice
  • Sliced veggies (peppers, cucumbers, etc) and a side of almonds
  • Cucumber, tomato, onion salad (in vinegar), side of almonds
  • Cashews and celery
  • Almonds and celery
  • Avocado and tomato salad with salt and pepper – stir and eat!
  • Diced tomato and cucumber topped with chopped pecans or almond slivers
  • Caprese salad: tomato, fresh basil, mozzarella or goat cheese, drizzled with balsamic vinegar
  • Large mushrooms stuffed with mashed avocado and drizzled with lemon juice and garlic
  • Peppers stuffed with guacamole (avocado, lime juice, garlic powder, S&P)
  • Tomatoes and radishes, lemon juice, dill, topped with feta or goat cheese
  • Cauliflower rice and cheddar cheese mixed in a bowl – heat and eat!
80 Day Obsession Meal Plan caprese salad.
Caprese salad

Pre- or Post-Workout Meal

Green container, Red container, Yellow container, Teaspoon (if you aren’t using supplements, add a purple to your post-workout meal)

  • 2 eggs, wilted spinach with garlic, toast and PB
  • Egg muffins with chopped veggies inside, toast, PB
  • Sliced peppers, 2 boiled eggs, toast, PB
  • Tomato slices, 2 eggs, sweet potatoes (diced and sautéed or baked) PB
  • Oats with PB mixed in, turkey sausage or turkey bacon, sliced bell peppers
  • Pumpkin Spice Shakeology (recipes here!) blended with spinach and peanut butter (add some caramel extract for extra flavor!), dry toast
  • Romaine lettuce tacos filled with brown rice, ground turkey, bell pepper (I love red peppers), a little salsa, and a teaspoon of peanut butter for “dessert”
  • Burger on a bed of lettuce with tomato and onion slices on top (add jalapenos for a punch), baked sweet potato fries (a tsp of oil is used for cooking) – and if you need a fruit to add, try some diced watermelon topped with basil or mint and drizzled with balsamic vinegar for a treat!
  • Slow cooker paleo chili over baked potato with a small salad
  • Fixate Sloppy Joes
80 Day Obsession Meal Plan slow cooker buffalo chicken lettuce wraps with shredded carrots
Lettuce wraps with shredded buffalo chicken

Meal 3

Green container, Red container, Orange container

  • Sheet pan chicken with roasted veggies (broccoli, carrots, onions, etc), olive oil for tossing on veggies before roasting/baking (omit the tzatziki sauce in the linked recipe)
  • Salad with 2 boiled eggs, dressing
  • Baked salmon, mixed greens, salad dressing
  • Beef roast over spaghetti squash or zoodles, diced tomatoes, olives
  • Salad with greens, baked chicken, tomatoes, onions, 1/2 a container of dressing and 1/2 container of sunflower seeds for crunch!
  • Spinach salad with sauteed shrimp, olives, and lemon herb dressing (no oil used)
  • Chicken broccoli stir fry with Asian fixate dressing
  • Burger served over a portabello mushroom and greens with dressing on top
  • Cucumber spirals with baked chicken and dressing
  • Baby greens with shredded carrots and chicken, garlic green beans, EVOO based dressing
  • Lettuce wraps with shredded chicken or steak and topped with salad dressing

Click here to get my printable clean eating shopping list!

Looking for storage containers to help prep your meals for the week? Check out these options!

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I will continue to add to my 80 Day Obsession Meal Plan list with new recipes and my favorite meals. So make sure you check back often for new ideas! Do you have any healthy meal favorites you’d like me to add? I love when my readers share their thoughts, so please drop a comment below!

And good luck with your 80 Day Obsession workouts this week! Rock them!!

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Amanda is a mom of 4 living a mostly crunchy lifestyle outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband, 2 dogs, and a cat. As a former special education teacher who also has her personal training certification — Amanda really enjoys teaching others how to do things!

When she’s not working, Amanda enjoys DIY projects, exercising, photography, hiking, and long walks through Target.

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  1. I love this list! Thank you for your time put into it. I literally just found my weeks worth of food ideas from this. Huge help for this busy mama!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! It was SO helpful in planning my meals for this week. I know I will refer back to it many times in the weeks to come!!

  3. Thank you for this!!! I find the meal planning painful and difficult!!! I am printing this out for my reference!!!

  4. Thanks for this list! I was stalling out on my food ideas, and this gave me so many more!

    When you say “lemon herb dressing (no oil used),” do you have a particular recipe you’re referring to? Thanks!

    1. Hi Holly! Glad this has been helpful! I really don’t have a specific recipe I stick with, but I do use a few different ones: sometimes I just squeeze lemon juice over my salad; sometimes I mix lemon juice with garlic and rosemary; and sometimes I do lemon juice, garlic, rosemary or thyme, white wine vinegar, and a little dijon mustard to add thickness. It’s all up to your taste! 🙂

  5. Thank you for this!!!!!! You have no idea how much this is going to help me on this journey! ????

  6. Love meal options 1 and 2! For meal option 3, I’m mostly veggie… what do you think Of the veggie burgers/hot dogs on the market? I’m confused if I’m allowed to eat them on this plan.

  7. This is very helpful! On week one of the 80 days and was looking for some ideas and you’ve listed loads in a simple to follow fashion. Thank you

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