10 Rounds with Joel Freeman: My Review of Beachbody’s Boxing Workout

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Step into the world of home fitness with Beachbody’s 10 Rounds, a dynamic and sweat-inducing boxing workout masterminded by fitness expert Joel Freeman. This innovative program is a knockout blend of high-intensity boxing training and robust strength building designed to sculpt your body and elevate your endurance.

Within the framework of five days a week over six weeks, you’ll be throwing punches like a pro, all while working towards significant cardiovascular improvement and full-body toning.

This new program is more than just jabbing and dodging; it’s a comprehensive home fitness journey targeting major fitness pillars. With Joel Freeman’s guidance, you’ll be throwing precise punches and mastering footwork that offers a fierce cardiovascular challenge.

But the workout isn’t solely fixated on boxing — it also incorporates essential resistance training that targets core strength and muscle building, ensuring a balanced approach to fitness.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or starting to lace up your gloves, Beachbody’s 10 Rounds promises a home workout experience that combines the thrill of a boxing class with the meticulous structure of a traditional fitness program.

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Creator of 10 Rounds: Joel Freeman

As the mastermind behind the Beachbody on Demand’s 10 Rounds program, Super Trainer Joel Freeman carries a wealth of expertise as a certified personal trainer with years of experience in developing fitness programs.

You may remember Joel from earlier Beachbody programs such as LIIFT4 and Core de Force. Core de Force was more of a mixed martial arts workout (also starring my fave trainer Jericho McMatthews), while LIIFT4 was a mix of weight lifting and cardio for building muscle.

His journey into fitness started with managing gyms, gradually turning into a passion for helping others achieve their health goals through various workout programs. With a philosophy rooted in making fitness accessible and fun, Joel designed 10 Rounds to bring boxing to the home fitness scene. He emphasizes practicality in his programs, ensuring they suit people of different fitness levels and lifestyles.

Joel’s approach merges martial arts and boxing with modern fitness trends, creating a workout that is not only physically demanding but teaches users valuable self-defense skills. His focus on technique and form helps reduce the monotony often associated with home workouts. Joel assures you’ll work up a sweat while fine-tuning your boxing stance, punches, and footwork. His attention to detail and methodical structuring of the program reflect a commitment to delivering a comprehensive, sports-based exercise regimen that can transform a living room into a dynamic home gym.

10 Rounds is a testament to Freeman’s belief in the transformative power of fitness. His programs are not just about losing weight or building muscle; they foster a journey toward overall well-being. Joel asserts that with determination and proper guidance, anyone can find their fitness path, and he engineered 10 Rounds as a versatile program to guide you through that journey, punch by punch.

He’s pretty easy on the eyes too, just sayin’.

The Structure of 10 Rounds

Here’s the short version of what you can expect from the program:

  • 10 rounds in each workout, 3 minutes each
  • 5 workouts per week (3 days of boxing, 2 days of lifting weights, 2 days of rest)
  • Workouts average 30-40 minutes each
  • Fitness level: Intermediate (you can always modify many of the moves or reduce the intensity)
  • Program lasts 6 weeks

This 6-week program brings you an amazing workout where your discipline is tested with five sessions per week. Each session hones your fitness, working not just your entire body, but your willpower and dedication.

Your week divides into three days centered on the fundamentals of boxing, honing your punches, footwork, and the art of the sweet science, seamlessly paired with two intense weight training days where strength and endurance build, rep by rep. This blend guarantees a full-body regimen that targets your core, challenges your stamina, and builds power across every muscle group.

The boxing days feature dynamic combinations that demand your focus and mimic the intensity of stepping into the ring. These workouts are not just about throwing punches; they incorporate agility movements and plyometrics that keep your heart racing and calories blazing.

Meanwhile, on lifting days, you’ll tackle resistance exercises that are critical to establishing a solid foundation and accelerating muscle growth. Whether you’re wielding dumbbells or resistance bands, these sessions are pivotal for balanced development in both your upper and lower body.

The structure, with its well-calibrated mix of cardiovascular hustle and muscle fortification, ensures a roadmap to transformation – mentally and physically. You’re not just training as a fighter; you’re sculpting a resilient, powerful physique through a meticulously designed framework that leverages the best of sports-based exercise.

10 Rounds is nothing but boxing moves and conditioning that will elevate your heart rate and give your entire body a solid burn! Even Joel has to stop and wipe the sweat out of his eyes during the workouts.

Stick to this map faithfully, and you’ll emerge from these six weeks stronger, with a fighter’s heart and an athlete’s body.

Joel Freeman leads new boxing home workout from Beachbody

Boxing Techniques and Cardiovascular Training

Boxing Techniques: You’ll delve into the heart of boxing with 10 Rounds, learning jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts. Joel Freeman walks you through each technique, emphasizing form to maximize power and efficiency. As you punch, you are not just engaging your upper body but also your hips and legs, which makes boxing an excellent full-body exercise.

Cardiovascular Training: Each session includes high-intensity boxing drills. These sequences increase heart rate, boosting cardiovascular stamina. This component is crucial for torching calories and improving heart health. You’ll tackle bouts of fast-paced combinations that challenge your speed, coordination, and endurance, providing a sweat-inducing workout.

Move Types: Be ready to learn defensive moves like slips and rolls, which involve your core and require mental agility to predict and react. This workout blends steady-state cardio with explosive bursts, a method proven to elevate metabolic rate and enhance fat-burning potential. You’re not just learning to punch; you’re sculpting a more robust and resilient physique while sharpening reflexes.

Core and Strength Building Components

Core Training and Strength Integration

Within the framework of 10 Rounds, you’ll notice a major emphasis on fortifying your core and augmenting overall strength. The regimen combines dynamic boxing sequences with focused resistance exercises. These are designed not just to sculpt and tone your musculature, but also to create a solid base that’s crucial for improved boxing performance. Expect to engage in drills that work multiple muscle groups, ensuring you reap the benefits of a full-body workout.

For the resistance components, the program harnesses the power of simple yet effective equipment. You will need dumbbells, which come in varying weights to match your fitness level and progress. These free weights are pivotal for the resistance training segments, where you’ll perform moves such as curls, presses, and deadlifts to build muscle and increase strength endurance. As you punch, jab, and weave through the boxing rounds, your core acts as the central anchor, getting a powerful workout through stability and rotation movements.

The beauty of these tools lies in their versatility — they’re adaptable to a spectrum of exercises that target different areas, from your shoulders down to your legs. This integration of core and strength routines within the boxing context makes for a comprehensive fitness experience, pushing your limits and fostering a stronger, leaner physique.

Who Should Try 10 Rounds?

If you’re focused on improving cardiovascular health, honing your boxing techniques, and building full-body strength, this great program deserves a spot on your workout schedule. Fitness beginners eager to pivot into a sports-based exercise routine will find the guided sessions enlightening, as they learn fundamental punches and defensive moves. Experienced fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the program’s design, which amps up the intensity, pushing their limits with high-energy combinations and resistance training.

For those who need a low-impact workout, 10 Rounds is a great option. Punching is very low impact, as the moves are more of shadow boxing than punching an actual heavy bag. There are also modifications available for more difficult moves, so the exercises can easily be changed to fit personal needs. And of course, with strength training, you can always go for lighter weights!

This Beachbody program also caters to those short on time, but long on dedication. With online access through Beachbody on Demand, you can conveniently integrate these workouts into your hectic life. Adherence to the 10 Rounds schedule benefits busy professionals, parents, or students striving for efficiency in their fitness journey without sacrificing results.

Moreover, 10 Rounds resonates with workout warriors seeking variety. Unlike the monotony of traditional fitness routines, it infuses punches, footwork, and core-centric movements for a refreshing challenge. Enthusiasts of high-intensity workouts will relish the adrenaline rush each session brings, plus the motivational boost from Joel’s expert cues and the dynamic format.

If your goals include not only aesthetic improvements but also the mastery of new skills, 10 Rounds is fit for your agenda. Its focus on authentic boxing moves ensures you cultivate practical techniques while enhancing your physique. Whether for weight loss, muscle toning, or simply as a catalyst for an active lifestyle, 10 Rounds is a comprehensive solution for those ready to lace up their gloves and commit to the thrill and discipline of boxing fitness.

10 Rounds transformation collage pin - Amanda Seghetti

Equipment Needed for 10 Rounds

You’ll need a few things to get started with your workouts:

Also recommended:

Some users also prefer having a punching bag to enhance the boxing experience, although the program is designed to be effective without one. Lastly, space in your workout area is crucial for movement-heavy sessions, so ensure you can move freely, particularly for the boxing sequences.

Keep in mind, while specialized boxing equipment like hand wraps or a speed bag can add authenticity to your experience, they are not required. The focus of 10 Rounds is on fitness and technique, not necessarily on becoming a professional boxer. What’s most important is your commitment to follow the program and push your limits with the recommended gear.

Online Accessibility and Beachbody on Demand

Accessing 10 Rounds is straightforward, thanks to Beachbody on Demand (now known as BODi). This comprehensive platform stands as your online gateway to a plethora of workout programs, including Joel Freeman’s boxing series.

Enroll in the service, and you can immediately dive into 10 Rounds from the comfort of your home or any location with an internet connection. The convenience of this access transforms your fitness routine, making it flexible to fit your personal schedule. Whether on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you’ll find starting, pausing, and resuming workouts a seamless experience.

Transitioning from your device to a smart TV amplifies the advantage, allowing for a more engaging and immersive workout session. Beachbody on Demand’s user-friendly interface ensures you spend less time navigating and more time throwing punches, getting your heart rate up, and building strength.

A Look at the 10 Rounds Workout Calendar

Sticking to the workout calendar in Beachbody’s 10 Rounds is a key factor in achieving the full benefits of this boxing-centric program. Each week you’re presented with a sequence of routines that build upon each other, alternating between intense boxing techniques and resistance-based workouts. Perfectly scheduled, these sessions are meant to ensure incremental progress, allowing your body to adapt and grow stronger over the course of the six weeks.

The program’s calendar doesn’t just randomly assign exercise days; it is a thoughtfully laid out plan that hinges on the idea of periodization—systematically scaling up your workload to peak at just the right time. Adhering to this setup fosters discipline and helps keep you on track, as skipping workouts or jumbling the order could disrupt the intended progress flow and affect your results.

Furthermore, rest days are as critical as the workout days. These are integrated within the calendar for a reason: to allow your muscles to recover, rebuild, and snap back stronger for the next round of training. So when Joel Freeman says it’s time to lace up or time to rest, understanding the science behind the schedule motivates you to trust the process and respect the prescribed rest periods for optimal fitness results.

Lastly, the calendar acts as a visual commitment—a daily reminder of the goals you’ve set for yourself. Checking off each day’s workout can be incredibly satisfying and serves as a constant motivator. As you notice the progression of checked boxes, you will likely feel a growing sense of accomplishment and ownership of your fitness journey, propelling you toward the final bell. Stick with it, and soon enough, you’ll celebrate the knockout punch of completing 10 Rounds.

Nutritional Component

Fueling your body correctly is paramount for any fitness journey, and 10 Rounds is no exception to this rule. This program acknowledges that a balanced diet is a key component to maximizing your boxing workout results and overall health. With each punch and jab, your body depletes energy resources, making meal plans and nutritional advice a beneficial feature of 10 Rounds. Beachbody provides users with guidelines aimed at optimizing performance and recovery, emphasizing lean proteins, whole grains, and ample vegetables crucial for endurance and strength.

You’ll find that following their suggested meal plans can complement the high-intensity nature of the boxing and resistance workouts. Not only does this support energy levels but also aids in muscle repair after strenuous sessions. The focus on wholesome, unprocessed foods aligns seamlessly with the rigorous demands of the program, ensuring that your effort in the ring is matched by your body’s ability to rejuvenate and strengthen.

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or starting fresh, integrating the nutritional component of 10 Rounds into your routine may lead to more pronounced results. As your body undergoes physical challenges, consistent and thoughtful nutrition stands as a pillar for achieving the cheek-reddening, sweat-inducing goals set forth by Joel Freeman’s dynamic boxing regimen.

10 Rounds Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Feedback from users indicates a broad range of experiences with the 10 Rounds boxing workout program. Many participants express satisfaction with the intense cardiovascular challenge and the variety of boxing techniques presented. They appreciate the full-body workout, noting improvements in their core strength and overall fitness. Joel Freeman’s clear instructions and motivational style often receive high marks, helping users stay engaged and determined to push through each session.

On the flip side, some users mention the level of difficulty may be daunting for beginners, with certain moves requiring a degree of coordination and base fitness that not all possess. Others have pointed out that the home setting might limit the intensity they can achieve compared to a gym environment with more specialized equipment. There’s also feedback regarding the space needed to perform the workouts comfortably, which might be a constraint for those with limited room at home. Additionally, a few users would prefer more focus on nutritional guidance to complement their fitness journey.

In summary, while 10 Rounds by Beachbody earns praise for its engaging and challenging nature, the program may not suit everyone. Prospective users should weigh the high-intensity nature against their own fitness level and workout space before diving into this boxing routine.

Personal Reflections on the Program

I’ve been through countless fitness regimes, but the 10 Rounds workout program truly stands out. From day one, the energy and excitement that Joel Freeman brings to this program are infectious. You find yourself pushing beyond limits you didn’t even know existed. As someone who thought boxing wasn’t their cup of tea, I’ve been converted. The program not only honed my boxing techniques but also pumped up my cardiovascular health to new heights. Every jab, cross, and uppercut feels empowering and builds endurance in a way that’s hard to match.

Strength building plays a critical role in this journey. Adding resistance training engaged muscles I hadn’t properly worked out before. Following the program’s calendar, I could see the progress in my physical strength and my form improving week after week. The convenience of having this program available through Beachbody on Demand made it incredibly easy to stick with the routine. Training at home eliminated excuses and saved an immense amount of time.

If you’re considering 10 Rounds, my advice is to commit with an open mind. Embrace every pulse-quickening workout, stay on top of the nutritional advice, and the results will speak for themselves. Looking back, the personal growth I’ve experienced is not just physical – it’s the mental toughness and discipline that have really been life-changing. For anyone wanting a challenge that’s equally thrilling and effective, I can’t recommend this great workout enough!

How Does 10 Rounds Compare With Other Beachbody Workouts

You might be wondering how 10 Rounds stands in comparison to other Beachbody favorites. Unique in its approach, Joel Freeman’s 10 Rounds brings the intensity and focus of boxing into your living room. Unlike high-energy cardio workouts such as Insanity or the dance-focused rhythms of CIZE, 10 Rounds hones in on sports-based exercise that taps into the realm of combat training. The program’s reliance on precision and form sets it apart, lending focus to technique over speed or the number of reps.

In contrast to muscle-isolating workouts like Body Beast, 10 Rounds emphasizes full-body movement and coordination. While both programs contribute to muscle building, 10 Rounds interlaces cardiovascular work with strength training, offering a balanced regimen that sculpts the body as it increases heart health. It’s not just about lifting weights; it’s about the synergy between footwork, core engagement, and the striking force of your fists.

Another Beachbody offering, the 21 Day Fix, sets the stage for rapid results through straightforward fitness and simple nutrition. 10 Rounds, on the other hand, doesn’t aim for a quick fix but focuses on progressive skill mastery and endurance building—a journey rather than a sprint. The boxing-centric workout extends beyond the scope of general fitness to equip you with tangible skills used in the sport. It’s as much about learning and technique as it is about chasing fitness results.

10 Rounds also plays a unique role for those seeking variety in their home fitness routine. While programs like P90X target metabolic adaptation through changing exercise modalities, 10 Rounds remains consistent in theme but varies in intensity and complexity. This approach can be a breath of fresh air for those who appreciate structure paired with the right amount of challenge progression.

Importantly, 10 Rounds appeals to your sense of growth and accomplishment outside the typical markers of fitness. You not only train your body but also your mind to anticipate and react, ingraining the boxing techniques into muscle memory. This workout doesn’t just change your body; it transforms your movements into that of an athlete’s, bringing a unique sense of empowerment and agility that many other programs might not prioritize.

Before You Wrap Up Your Gloves

In reflecting on this high-intensity, sports-based exercise program, you have learned the ins and outs of Joel Freeman’s 10 Rounds boxing workout. From the unique blend of cardiovascular training to the targeted strength building, this Beachbody on Demand offering stands out for its well-structured fitness journey that hones your boxing techniques and overall physical prowess.

As you consider incorporating 10 Rounds into your at-home workout routine, remember that it suits a wide array of fitness levels and goals. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete looking to switch up your regimen with a new challenge or a home fitness enthusiast eager for a full-body workout with a fresh twist, 10 Rounds might just be your perfect match.

However, take note of the commitment required – from sticking to the workout program to ensuring you have the necessary equipment for resistance training. This is not just another online fitness tutorial; it’s a comprehensive, disciplined approach to reshaping your body and improving stamina.

Before lacing up your gloves and stepping into your virtual boxing ring, weigh the program’s requirements against your personal circumstances. Some may find the rigorous schedule demanding, but with dedication and consistent effort, the potential for transformative fitness results is significant. It encourages a blend of workout motivation, accountability, and a continuous pursuit of progress.

Finally, reflect on the feedback from those who’ve embarked on this fitness journey before you. Their experiences—peppered with triumphs and challenges—can offer additional insight as you decide whether 10 Rounds aligns with your health and fitness aspirations. Take a step forward with confidence, knowing you have all the information needed to determine if this is the right corner to fight from in your personal fitness ring.

Kick up your fitness and join me!

If you already have Beachbody on Demand and want to add this workout, I recommend the 10 Rounds Accessory Bundle (that’s the one I bought).

If you don’t already have BOD, I recommend the Annual BOD and Shakeology Pack – but you can always choose one of the other packages!

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