P90X3 The Warrior Review & Moves with Video

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It’s Day 2 of my personalized Beachbody on Demand workouts — which means today is P90X3 The Warrior for me! If you’re following the P90X3 Classic Calendar, today may be day 6 for you. As I’ve done before, I will be giving you a breakdown of this workout with pictures, modifications (if necessary), videos, and my thoughts.

This blog post was originally written in January 2014, when I did P90X3 for the first time. To regain strength after last year’s shoulder surgery, I created a custom workout plan using Beachbody On Demand. My plan includes my favorite P90X3 workouts, so I am updating my old photos and tips here for you!

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What is P90X3 The Warrior?

P90X3 The Warrior is a non-stop (mostly), balls-to-the-wall workout. It had me huffing and puffing for REAL. Beachbody On Demand calls it a “one-size-fits-all workout that can be done anytime, anywhere.”

So – here’s what it’s all about:

Length: 30 minutes, followed by a cool down for about 2 minutes. I recommend stretching a little more on your own.

Equipment needed: You don’t really need anything but yourself and a good pair of shoes. And some water. You’ll want water.

P90X3 Workout Program: Beachbody has discontinued the DVD version of P90X3, but it is available for streaming on Beachbody On Demand. This is the option I prefer and recommend, because I get access to every Beachbody program they make. (There’s also a free trial too, which you should check out before you commit!)

Like most other workouts, you start with a warmup. Four minutes of jogging, T Rex style jumping jacks, pivot/twist, arm circles, leg stretches, etc… Then down to business.

P90X3 The Warrior Moves

1. Plank Sphinx Push-ups

Starting out with a serious move. Start in plank, then move to sphinx (or plank on your elbows), then back up to plank, and then do push-ups as long as Tony tells you to. Back to plank, sphinx, plank, sphinx, plank, push-ups…Tony can make a minute feel like five REALLY fast.

To modify – drop down to your knees.

Plank Sphinx Pushups P90X3 The Warrior

2. Speed Skater

If you know how a speed skater moves, you can imagine how this move works. You sort of glide/hop from side to side, when Tony tells you to do singles. Then he moves to doubles – and you do your glide/hop thing to the right with an extra hop, and again over to the left.

Try not to trip and sprain an ankle with those. I actually just stuck with the regular speed skaters without that extra hop. I can’t take any chances with injury.

Modification: Reduce the impact by stepping side to side with a slight squatting/skating motion.

Speed Skater P90X3

3. Down Dog Crunches

Start in down dog, then raise your right leg high in the air (into single leg down dog). Then bring your right knee to your right elbow as you lower into plank. Raise your leg back up into single leg down dog, then bring your knee toward your forehead, rounding your back and crunching your abs. Raise your leg into SLDD again, then bring the right knee across the torso to the left elbow.

Then repeat the process with the left leg.

Down Dog Crunches P90X3 The Warrior

I don’t love the rounded back/tucked chin when you crunch your knee toward your forehead. Just a personal trainer preference.

There isn’t a great modification for this move either. You can just pick and choose some of the motions to do, and drop down to your knees as needed.

4. Side Lunge Jump Shot

Side lunge jump shot is exactly what it sounds like. You lunge over to one side and reach down like you’re picking up a basketball. Then you explode up and pretend to shoot a basket. Lunge over on the other leg and repeat the move.

This totally feels like something my son would do in basketball practice, which is fitting since this is P90X3 The Warrior. Get it? Warriors? Our family is full of Golden State fans.

Ok, I know. My jokes are kinda lame. That’s what you get on the Amanda Seghetti blog though.

Modification: Don’t go as deep into the side lunge, and take out the jump (just reach overhead).

Side Lunge Jump Shot - Amanda Seghetti

Now we have about 20:00 left. We get a quick break for 30 seconds. Drink your water.

5. Elevator Push-ups

Elevator push-ups may be my least favorite move of P90X3 The Warrior. You start in a plank/push-up position – this is the top floor. Tony tells you to go to the middle floor, so you hover halfway down. Bottom floor is hovering as low as you can go in push-up position, chest just above the floor.

Tony calls out the floors, and you move up and down. Ouch. I think he gets off on making people miserable. I love a good challenge, but these just aren’t my idea of fun.

Honestly, I modify this move pretty quickly by dropping to my knees. The photo here only shows top and bottom floors.

Elevator Pushups with Tony Horton

6. Double Uppercut Sprawls

Well here’s a little cardio recovery. Kind of. Start out with your right leg forward. Do two quick right uppercuts, two quick left uppercuts, then sprawl – which is kind of like a wide burpee down and back up. After you do this for a minute on the right, then switch to having your left leg forward and lead with the left arm first.

Not too bad, except your arms should start getting tired somewhere around here. Focus on really tightening your biceps with the uppercuts like you’re hitting an invisible punching bag. Or Tony. Whatever motivates you.

Modification – take out the sprawl and just do the uppercuts.

Double Uppercut Sprawl

7. Roller Boat

What is it with Tony and these boats? He really likes them, I guess. They were also in P90X3 Total Synergistics, remember?

You go into a boat, or C-sit whatever you want to call it. Then after you hold it for a while, you roll backwards to basically give your abs a break. Then roll back up into boat. FUN.

How you modify this move will depend on what you’re able to do. Take out the roll if you need to. Another option is to only lift one leg at a time and keep the other knee bent with a foot on the ground for support.

Roller Boat 1 - Amanda Seghetti

8. One Leg Jump Squats

Self-explanatory – you put 90% of your weight on one leg, 10% on the other. (Or if you’re able to, completely balance on one leg without tapping your other toe down.) Squat down on that one leg while reaching toward the floor, then jump up. And again. And again.

Switch to the other leg when the first leg is finished. Simple enough. This is meant to be a fast, explosive movement that incorporates balance.

Modification: Don’t go as low into the squat, and/or take out the jump and just reach up.

One Leg Jump Squats - Amanda Seghetti

Now we are down to about 14:00 left in P90X3 The Warrior.
Quick break! Drink more water.

9. Thumbs Up Push-up

Nope, I lied. I hate this one more than the elevator push-ups. Mostly because I am not the best at balancing. You do a push-up, then put your right hand out (thumbs up!) and your left leg up. Then back to push-up, and repeat with left hand out and right leg up.

This can be modified with knee push-ups and keeping that knee down when you lift the arm and opposite leg.

Thumbs Up Pushup P90X3 The Warrior

10. Elbow, over the top elbow, sprawl

I guess in MMA style fighting, they fight with their elbows? Sounds painful. Anyway this move involves “punching” with your right elbow, then doing an over the top hit with your other elbow, then down to a sprawl. Kind of like #6 Double Uppercut Sprawls, except fight with your elbows. You do the right side first, then switch to the left.

Also, I’m finding that I like the MMA types of moves. Also also, I like pretending to knock Tony Horton in the head when he makes sexist comments and annoying jokes. It motivates me to push through the entire set.

I’m keeping my old picture here for this one. Kind of fun to look back at my first round of P90X3 The Warrior!

elbow over the top elbow sprawl

11. Fifer Scissor Twist

You’re supposed to try to keep your legs straight, but that can be tough depending on your flexibility. Bring your right leg straight up, and reach your left hand to the outside of that foot. Switch legs and arms when Tony says so…but watch out because sometimes he fakes conversation just to keep you there a little longer.

No real modification here. Bend your knees a little if you need to.

Fifer Scissor Twist

12. Warrior Squat Lunges

Oh Tony, always trying to make people laugh. That doesn’t really work when they are exhausted and they kind of don’t like you anymore.

This starts out with a Billy Idol fist pump (really), then squat down and reach the right arm to the left foot. Then explode back into a lunge while reaching that hand up high. Jump back into the squat. Jump back into the lunge. Total of 15 on that side, then switch and do 15 on the other side.

Sing “Cradle of Love” while you do it. Kidding. But not really.

Modification: Reduce range of motion and take out the jumps.

Warrior Squat Lunges 1 - Amanda Seghetti

We have 7:28 left. Yes, I wrote that down to the second. You’d be counting seconds too if you were doing this.
Quick :30 break. Don’t sit down. Take off your shirt if you need to. I did.

13. Super Burpee

Ok, the first time I saw these, I was like WTF, that will never happen. This time, I actually tried to do the real version. I obviously can NOT get my legs up as high as Tony (what EVEN is he doing defying gravity?!!) or the other guy in the video, but I do try.

Go down into a plank like you do with a normal burpee. Pushup. Bring your right knee toward your left elbow. Pushup. Left knee to right elbow. Pushup. Jump back up to standing and explode upwards. Add in a knee tuck if you’re feeling particularly energized (I clearly was NOT).

For your viewing pleasure, because it’s easier than explaining with words:

14. Think Drills

Quick movements, getting the heart rate up, shuffling, moving when Tony calls out orders…to include the bunny face. I did it just for the photos. I normally don’t do it because I think it’s stupid. But I’m here to show you what you get when you order P90X3. So there. Bunny face.

P90X3 The Warrior Think Drills

15. Abrinome

Kind of like a metronome, get it? But for your abs? Ok.

Lie flat on your back, legs up at 90 degrees. Lean your straight legs over to the left for as long as he says, then over to the right. Each time you lean over is one rep, with a total of 8 reps. This burns. If you need to modify, bend your knees a bit.

Keep both shoulders on the floor and try not to grip too hard with your arms/hands.

Georgia fitness blogger Amanda Seghetti demonstrates the Abrinome from P90X3 The Warrior with Tony Horton.

16. Spiderman Squats

Last move of P90X3 The Warrior! Squat down with one hand on the floor, and do a 1/4 turn into another squat, and back again. After a few seconds, you start doing a 1/2 turn.

Those half turns I can do ok. It’s when Tony tries to throw in the full 360 degree turn that I can’t make it. And I don’t want to puke or bust my head on my fireplace bricks, so I just stick to 1/2 turns. No shame in that.

P90X3 The Warrior Spiderman Squats

And we finish up our workout with the Burnout – depth charges where you explode up into a jump, then slowly release back down into a squat. This is a full minute and you want to die.

The end. Two minute cooldown and P90X3 The Warrior is over.

This is a great workout, and you may hate it the first time. After that, you are able to do more and you feel stronger. It’s a great full-body blast, which is what this is all about, right? And if doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. Just remember that, even if you pretend to punch Tony in the face.

Need a stretch? Try X3 Yoga!

P90X3 The Warrior

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