P90X3 CVX Review

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Today is day 5, which is P90X3 CVX. I believe CVX stands for cardiovascular extreme. Sounds good anyway, and it fits with the way this workout is designed.

Length: 30 minutes (33:30 if you include the cooldown)

Materials: light weight if you are using one (I used 5 pounds and it was DEFINITELY enough for today), and something to hop over. He says use a towel, but I just used the tape that’s still on my floor from Tuesday. – Need a weight? Grab some from Amazon here (affiliate link)

P90X3 CVX materials


Contrary to most other X3 workouts, this one didn’t include a warm-up. We just went straight into the first set.

CVX Set 1

Press Jacks – holding your one weight in your hands, press up while you do jacks for a minute.
Atlas Twists – still holding that weight, lower it to the floor on the left, then twist up and reach it high to the right. Switch sides after :30.
March & Reach – Hold weight overhead, lower it as you raise your straight leg up to meet the weight at about hip height.
Repeat this set again, then take a :20 break.

CVX Set 2

Traveling Tire Twist – kind of like high knees forward and back as you twist your weight from hip to hip. This one works the obliques.
Frog Squat Reach – frog squats with an overhead reach with the weight
Arc Press Lunge – just like it sounds, lunge with the arms arcing overhead between each side. I feel like I just didn’t make any sense at all with that description….
Repeat this set again, then :30 break.

P90X3 CVX balance pull

CVX Set 3

Hop Overs – (put down your weight) hop over your towel (or tape)
Balance Pull – with weight on one leg, do a standing crunch with weight to opposite knee
Twist & Pivot – remember this move from the usual warm-up? Keep head straight, hold weight at chest level, and do that twisting pivot motion. It’s kinda fun.
Repeat again, then quick break.

P90X3 CVX twist and pivot

CVX Set 4

Last set!

Side Reach Jumps – self-explanatory, with weight in hand
Crescent Chair – also self-explanatory, just do crescent chair with weight in hand
Globe Squatters – in a wide squat, move weight in a circle motion and then do a squat hop, and repeat while staying in the squat position the whole time. Burn!!

P90X3 CVX crescent chair

This last set doesn’t go through a full minute repeat set, but instead moves to the Burnout for the last 2-3 minutes. We did about :30 for each of those three moves, at top speed. Then it was over!

At the end, Tony does a cooldown for about 3:30. You will definitely need to do it. Even with the light weight, all those reps are making your arms screeeeammm. And if you aren’t pouring sweat, you aren’t doing something right. This was a great cardio burn, and actually made me feel like I was working hard. I can tell P90X3 CVX is going to be one of my favorites. Now I’m ready for my day!!


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