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My 10 weeks are up and I’m ready to share my Focus T25 Results with y’all! I have some pretty shocking T25 before and after photos – like I literally didn’t expect these changes at all! But after seeing my results, I’m here to say that Focus T25 DOES work and I think I consider myself a Focus T25 success story! So read on for my personal and honest review of Focus T25, and then see the before and after photos for yourself!

Honest Thoughts on Focus T25

Before I share my Focus T25 results, I need to be honest about some things. I completed this program, but I wasn’t always excited about it. I LOVED that it was an intense workout that only took 25 minutes per day, but sometimes I just didn’t want to do it. Most days I did.

Luckily I really like Shaun T, because he kept me motivated to push play.

A few days I had to miss workouts because of vacation or waking up late. But I will say that 90-95% of the time, I did my workouts as prescribed.

And I modified A LOT.

Especially in the beginning, I couldn’t hang with Shaun. I had to stick with Tania and do a lot of modified moves. I couldn’t jump as much as I was supposed to. It did get easier, and I was able to modify less by the end of Alpha (and then Beta slammed me!), but even some things like the pike-ups never did get easy for me.

Even after completing 90 days of ChaLEAN Extreme and getting amazing results, I still felt like I just didn’t have the strength and stamina I needed. When I have to modify or take breaks, I get easily frustrated.

I shouldn’t, but I do.

Thank God for Tania in Focus T25

I Thought I was a Focus T25 Failure

In addition to modifying the workouts, I also didn’t follow the Focus T25 nutrition plan very strictly. I tried a lot of the foods in the fast track guide and in the nutrition guide, but we ate a lot of our typical foods at home.

We are pretty clean eaters, but I ate more breads and sweets (hellllooo birthdays!) and restaurant foods than I should’ve. There was also a beer or (twenty)two during those 10 weeks that I probably could’ve done without. But life happens, right?

So as I went through the program, I began to get discouraged when the scale didn’t really move. I felt like a Focus T25 failure. But we all know the scale is a dirty liar (even though I went as far as to buy a new one that I thought would lie less), so I took my measurements often.

I didn’t see much change. It’s frustrating when you feel like you’re giving all you can for 10 weeks and you aren’t seeing numbers move.

A little bit of movement, but not much.

So I wasn’t very on-the-ball with getting these pictures taken. I didn’t take them right away when I finished T25. I was just too discouraged and didn’t want to look at before and after photos that showed how I had wasted 10 weeks.

It wasn’t until a week after finishing T25 when I was ready to start Insanity that I decided it was time to take pics. Because I was determined to get the results I wanted with Insanity, I wanted to take Insanity before pictures so I could see later if I made any changes with my body.

My Focus T25 Results | Before and After Photos

That night, I decided to upload my pics so I could submit them to Beachbody in order to get my free Focus T25 t-shirt (who doesn’t love a free shirt?!) that they give participants who complete the program. I opened my computer and pulled up my T25 before photos to submit along with my T25 results.

After everything I’ve just said, you can imagine my surprise…MY SHOCK…when I looked at my pictures. I had forgotten what my before pictures looked like, and I really didn’t think I even looked that much different now.

I was wrong.

Focus T25 results front view
Focus T25 results side view

(By the way – the watermark you see on those photos are my super old blog name from 2014. I changed my blog, but I’m so proud of those photos that I’m keeping them forever!)

Ummm…WOW!! Right?? I mean, even my HAIR changed colors! LOL! No but really, can you believe it?! Hardly any weight change, not much change in inches, but my BODY looks totally DIFFERENT!! Look at those guns! And where did my butt go?

It almost makes me cry to see those muscles. If you don’t know me and don’t know how I used to be — I was the wimpy girl! I couldn’t do much of anything. No strength. No energy. And definitely no endurance. And now I have muscles! I love feeling strong. It’s amazing.

Even after all the changes I got with completing ChaLEAN Extreme, I still didn’t feel strong. Not really. I didn’t feel like I could get “real results” like the people on TV could. And while I look nothing like them – I am a seriously upgraded version of the person I was 6 months ago. And jaw-droppingly fitter than I was 10 weeks ago!

So here are my results. Real person, real teacher, real mom of two – spending just 25 minutes per day working out, 6 days per week. No pills, no crazy diets, not giving up all of the foods I love. Just eating and drinking in moderation and being consistent in what I do – drinking Shakeology every day and working out.

You Can Get Results Too!

Now that I’ve completed the program and have my real results to show for it, I can give you my honest assessment of what it takes to get the most out of this program.

How to get results from Focus T25:

  • Push play every day (unless you’re sick). Do the whole workout and go as hard and heavy as you can, even if you have to modify.
  • Drink Shakeology every day.
  • Follow the nutrition plan as prescribed, or use the current portion control guide from Beachbody.
  • Rest on rest days.
  • Do other forms of activity when you can. Don’t overdo it, but don’t be sedentary outside of those 25 minutes either!
  • Be kind to yourself. Keep a positive mindset. Do daily affirmations.
  • Don’t give up!

(Updated Dec 2019) Beachbody no longer offers Focus T25 as a challenge pack or fitness program you can purchase alone. But you can get Focus T25 and EVERY other Beachbody workout program by subscribing to Beachbody On Demand! It’s the option I use and recommend to everyone.

Subscribe to Beachbody On Demand HERE.

Questions about the program or anything else Beachbody related? Drop a comment below or send me a message on Instagram or Facebook. I’ll get back to you!

Get started on your OWN Focus T25 results today. If I can do it, you can do it.

Here’s a video of me doing Focus T25 Alpha Abs – Shaun T kicked my butt!

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Amanda is a mom of 4 living a mostly crunchy lifestyle outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband, 2 dogs, and a cat. As a former special education teacher who also has her personal training certification — Amanda really enjoys teaching others how to do things!

When she’s not working, Amanda enjoys DIY projects, exercising, photography, hiking, and long walks through Target.

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  1. Wow!!!! Huge difference!! Might see if I can find that workout on ebay. Thank you for continuing to inspire me!

    1. Thanks! Just be careful – I looked at T25 on eBay and some are selling for MORE than what you’d pay through me.

  2. Im so happy I found your blog! I’ve tried T25 before but didnt stick with it. Now I’m ready as I’ve lost some weight already and actually want to be active. Your before and after is amazing! Your body looked completely different given the small change in metrics. Im so excited now! I’ll also be reading your post about other programs! Thanks!

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