29 Best Recipes Using Hard Boiled Eggs | Leftover Easter Egg Ideas

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With 4 kids in my house, we always end up with a lot of leftover Easter eggs! Everyone wants to make a pretty colorful egg, but nobody wants to eat a bunch of plain hardboiled eggs for a week. This year I’m planning ahead with this list of 29 delicious recipes to use up all those leftover hardboiled eggs.

What to do with leftover hardboiled eggs

After you’ve colored and dyed and decorated and hunted those pretty eggs, it’s time to eat them! You can always peel them and sprinkle with salt and pepper, but there are many other ways to serve them up.

With all of these options, you can add boiled eggs to a different dish each day!

By the way, did you know you could easily boil eggs in an Instant Pot or air fryer? You can! What else will they come up with??

toddler hand reaching for deviled egg

Deviled egg recipes

My preschooler’s favorite egg recipe is deviled eggs, and she loves to help her Gaga “cook” them! But there are so many ways to make this simple dish:

Egg chicklets 3 - Amanda Seghetti
via In the Kids Kitchen

Make sure you have a decorative platter to display your yummy deviled eggs!

Potato salad recipes

Potato salad is usually my second go-to when I’m trying to use up leftover boiled eggs. These are a few variations on that classic Southern side:

Holding Happy Egg

Egg salads and salads with eggs

Whether you make a classic egg salad, a spin on an egg salad, or just make a salad that includes eggs, these are sure to be a lunchtime hit.

chicken bacon caesar salad whole30 - Amanda Seghetti
via Cook at Home Mom

Unique recipes using leftover hard boiled eggs

These are recipes that use leftover boiled eggs that I had never thought to make before. My only problem now is deciding which ones to make first this year! A mix of savory, sweet, easy and gourmet – each recipe here will delight your tastebuds and have your family asking for seconds!

Hard Boiled Eggs Benedict Recipe 5 - Amanda Seghetti
via Home Cooking Memories

Which of these delicious recipes will you try with your leftover hardboiled eggs this year?

29 delicious recipes with leftover boiled eggs

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