Fun Family Meals with Happy Eggs

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This post is sponsored by Happy Egg Co, and all opinions are my own. 
Dinner time in our house can sometimes be a struggle, but I’ve found a solution. The kids all help cook their own version of a meal – with Happy Eggs as the main event!
I’m no short order cook, but on busy days I’m perfectly ok with letting the kiddos cook their eggs they way they love them best. Here are my kids’ favorite egg-cellent meals!

Eggs in a Basket

Hunter has been cooking her own eggs for a few years now, and she has many different ways that she likes to eat them. (Thank you, gourmet foods class at school!) Her most recent favorite is eggs in a basket – or more simply, an egg cooked inside a piece of bread.
Cooking eggs in a basket with Happy Egg
To make this recipe, she uses a small glass to create a hole in the center of a piece of bread. She butters the bread and places it onto a pan on medium-high heat.
Eggs in a basket with Happy Egg
She cracks an egg into the center of the bread and lets the whites cook until slightly firm and no longer translucent. Then she flips the entire toast and egg over, careful not to break the yolk. Once the egg is cooked to her liking (over easy), she scoops it onto her plate. Sprinkled with a pinch of smoked paprika, it’s ready to eat. Voila!

Cheesy Eggs

Kaiden has just recently learned to scramble his own eggs (with supervision) so his recipe is much more simple. He cracks two eggs into a bowl, scrambles with a splash of milk, cooks in a pan, and adds some shredded cheese at the end.
scrambling eggs with Happy Egg
I always encourage the kids to add some sort of fruit or vegetable to their meal, just to balance out their nutrition. I’m not too picky on what they choose, as long as their choice is healthy!
Scrambled eggs and strawberries on plate with Happy Egg container

Deviled Eggs

Aren is the pickiest eater of the bunch, but she still loves her eggs! Boiled eggs are the way to her heart, and she frequently takes them to school for lunch.
mom and toddler making deviled eggs with Happy Egg
We recently introduced deviled eggs to her, and she enjoys making faces on the yolk. I can’t give the exact recipe for this since I learned from watching my mom. A squirt of this and that (mayo, mustard, and sweet relish) until it looks right is all she would say. So that’s what we do! I find that using a plastic sandwich bag to pipe the yolk into the white is easiest and less messy.
mom and toddler making deviled eggs with Happy Egg
The most fun comes when we make the faces. Olive slices are the easiest to create eyes and a smiling mouth. Sometimes we add shredded carrots on top for silly hair. Diced bell peppers or a small celery smile are other colorful and fun options to try.
toddler hand reaching for deviled egg with Happy Egg

Nutrition is the Star of the Show

In our busy lives, a quick and easy meal is a must sometimes. But that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our health and nutrition! Eggs are a super healthy way to get in protein as well as other vitamins. Eggs contain vitamin B2, D, B6, B12, zinc, iron, and copper – plus 6 grams of protein.
toddler opening container of Happy Egg
I choose Happy Eggs, the Free-est of the Free Range™ eggs. I love knowing that our eggs come from hens that are able to roam outdoors all year long. Not only do our Happy Eggs come from happy hens, but they are healthier and taste better too! And those dark golden yolks give me ALL the heart eyes.
Don’t believe me? Give them a try! Head to your local store and look for Happy Egg’s yellow carton. No need for any special occasion to put all these eggs in one basket. They are delicious for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner!

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