P90X3 The Challenge Review

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Today I did P90X3 The Challenge. I won’t lie, I fully expected to hate today’s workout. I previewed it a few days ago and it did NOT look fun! Push-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, repeat, repeat, repeat…. Haha yeah, uh, NO.

But this afternoon I did the workout and it wasn’t that bad! Of course, I can’t do one single pull-up or chin-up, but I did modify. I actually underestimated how many pull downs and push-ups I could do. I’ll have to increase next week.

I used the strongest band I own, and quickly realized that if I wrapped the band around my stairs more, and moved farther away from the rails, it increased the difficulty. That was a good thing. I want it to be difficult so that I build strength.

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P90X3 The Challenge band pulls

Oh right almost forgot…

Length: 30 minutes, as always.

Materials: pull-up bar or resistance band (no bars here) – You can grab a variety of resistance bands on Amazon.

P90X3 The Challenge tools

We start out with a warmup, but really only warming up the upper body since that is what’s being worked.

Each participant gave a number for the amount of pull-ups and push-ups they planned to do each set. I went with 20 pull-ups/pull downs and 10 push-ups.

Then straight into the fun: wide pull-ups.

Again, I stuck with Alice and modified. I still felt like I got a burn, but not as much as I should have. I will increase my reps next time to 30 per set.

P90X3 The Challenge wide pullups

Sorry, no fancy-pants pictures of me doing push-ups. And I don’t use special handles like they did. Just hands on the floor for me. But here is my worksheet where I wrote down what I was able to do. See those 10 REAL push-ups at the beginning?!! That was a bit of a surprise!!

P90X3 The Challenge workout log

For the burnout, I used 12 pound dumbbells to do a bicep curl and press instead of a pull-up, then I did 3 push-ups. I only got 3 rounds in before my arms were total jelly. I’ll call that a success.

So next time I do P90X3 The Challenge, I will be doing 30 pull downs with an isometric hold during each one. I’ll also do 15 push-ups during each set (I know my worksheet says 30/10, I’ll fix that). One of the most important parts of this program is knowing your limits, and pushing past that to failure. And next time, you push even farther. THAT is where you grow. THAT is where you find change. Outside of your comfort zone.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.


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