Cozy Neutral Living Room Decor

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Wondering how to decorate with neutral colors? Here I’m sharing how we made our living room cozy and cute with neutral living room furniture and decor! With a few pops of color (easy to change with the seasons), this room is anything but plain and boring!

Finally – my living room is complete! If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember we had quite the furniture fiasco when we first moved into our new house. Our beautiful couches were too big to fit through the doors!

We didn’t have a truck to easily buy something new and we struggled to find what we loved. After getting SOMETHING to sit on, I slowly pieced together items that tie our space together.

A mixture of modern farmhouse style and transitional design (maybe transitional farmhouse?), this neutral living room decor is the perfect base for year round living.

Corner view of neutral living room

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Neutral Living Room Furniture: Beige Sofa and Loveseat

One thing that doesn’t work well in my marriage: making big decisions and purchases under pressure. Arien and I had a hard time aligning our vision for the living room, which made it difficult to decide exactly what we wanted.

We both went to multiple furniture stores and just couldn’t agree on anything. What we didn’t want to do was spend a large amount of money on something we would hate in a year!

After a quick trip to Ikea in Atlanta, we decided to order the Ektorp sofa and loveseat. We needed furniture to arrive before my shoulder surgery, and the price was right.

We agreed that beige would be a safer color than white, plus the slipcovers are washable!

(Update: after owning these sofas for almost 2 years, I’ve washed the slipcovers countless times and they are still holding up!

beige loveseat and tufted ottoman

The couches were delivered in boxes and were easy to put together. The slipcovers needed to be ironed before putting them on, but otherwise assembly was quick.

I don’t plan to keep these around forever, but so far we are happy with them. After using them for 6 weeks, I can say they are pretty comfortable!

They are also pretty easy to wipe off spots from dirty little toddler fingers. That’s important in our house, not gonna lie.

Neutral Accent Sofa

With four children, we already have a pretty big family. When our extended family visits, seating is super important! I wanted to make sure we had plenty of places to sit, but was afraid of making our living room look crowded.

One of my friends recommended Dorel Living furniture for pieces that are functional, well made, and affordable. I found so many cute options, but eventually settled on the Vonn beige sofa with accent pillows.

The beige and cream stripes coordinate perfectly with our other sofas, and it really is eye-catching next to our shiplap wall.

Lifestyle blogger Amanda Seghetti shares new Dorel Living Vonn sofa

It’s also roomy without being oversized, which is exactly what I wanted. Bulky furniture would’ve really made our living room feel too closed in. While two people can comfortably sit on the Vonn sofa, it can easily sit three for large family gatherings.

I’m actually sitting on it now while I type this blog post. It’s much more comfortable than my office chair!

Vonn sofa with accent pillows

This sofa was also super easy to put together, and I was able to have it all set up in less than 10 minutes. I never knew affordable furniture that could be mailed to your house could also be such great quality! I wish I had figured this out years ago.

Neutral Accent Chair

I’m all about the neutral living room decor, and this chair is just another example! Another piece from Dorel Living, this Berkeley Chair and Ottoman finishes off our seating.

Berkeley accent chair and ottoman

The beige and cream stripes on this set tie in the lighter colors of the sofas with the dark brown wood floor. It’s perfect for small spaces and tucks easily into the corner.

baby sitting in Berkeley Chair

Cozy and inviting, Rowen can’t resist climbing into it to read his books. I think he’s claimed this chair as his own!

Gray Plush Rug

We brought this Safavieh grey/ivory rug with us from Colorado – no trouble fitting it through the door! I have a no shoes policy in our house, which means we are usually barefoot.

I just love the plush, comfy feeling from this rug. The light gray color is a nice contrast to the dark hardwood floors.

neutral living room accent sofa and dark tufted ottoman

Unfortunately, this rug isn’t the best size for our living room! We will most likely be moving this rug down to the basement and finding a better option. I’ve found some that I love but haven’t yet made a final decision.

Stay tuned for updates on that!

Neutral Living Room with Pops of Color

The great part about having neutral living room furniture is you can add pops of color – and change it up easily!

I’m really feeling dark blue right now, and incorporated that with my accent pillows and throw when I did my fall decor this year. Adding depth with various textures is really fun and makes the space even more cozy.

neutral living room furniture farmhouse style

I finished off my modern farmhouse style/transitional design/whatever this style is decor with a few small statement pieces. Clutter makes my anxiety skyrocket, but big empty areas make my space feel incomplete!

Minimal decor strategically placed around the room helps to make me feel satisfied.

Tufted Cocktail Ottoman

Believe it or not, this was another cause for disagreement between Arien and me. I wanted a farmhouse coffee table. He didn’t. He said the kids would climb on it and fall off. I said they needed to learn not to climb, or get bruised in the process.

We finally reached a compromise: this round tufted cocktail ottoman. It is large enough to serve as a sort of coffee table, especially when I place a decorative tray on top.

Lifestyle blogger Amanda Seghetti uses a dark colored tufted cocktail ottoman to add a pop of color to her neutral living room.

You and I both know as long as I have toddlers, there won’t be a tray on this ottoman. But it’s a nice thought.

I do like how this classic style adds a touch of elegance to our otherwise relaxed space. The dark linen fabric is advertised as gray, but it actually has a bluish hue that’s almost deep teal. It’s a beautiful contrast to all of the neutral living room colors!

It will also serve as an extra seat if needed. Sturdy enough to hold two toddlers, and not so high that a kid gets hurt when falling off. Don’t ask me how I know.

Love is Patient Farmhouse Decor

I found this sweet farmhouse decor sign when walking through Hobby Lobby last year. I’m not a super religious person, but I have always loved this piece of scripture. It’s a great reminder of what I want love to be like in my marriage.

love is patient farmhouse wall decor

The dark wood frame contrasts with the white background, giving that farmhouse feel. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put any decor on our shiplap wall, but I think this piece is perfect.

End Table with Metal Accents

One thing we were missing was somewhere to put a coffee mug. Now, we don’t really eat in the living room and definitely don’t allow the kids to have food on the couches. But early in the morning, there’s really nothing better than sitting on my couch and enjoying hot coffee before the kids wake up.

It’s the little things, I tell ya.

Neutral living room couch and decor

I wanted a side table that could withstand the force of a toddler with a hard toy in hand, running full speed. I can report that this Wasser End Table has done just that. Repeatedly.

white side table with gold colored legs

The white marble-look top is pretty (and easy to wipe down), and the gold colored metal base adds a touch of glam. This table may eventually find a new home in my office/guest room, but for now it’s a safe option here.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Greenery and plants make excellent decor. They match pretty much any style and they bring a bit of warmth to the room. They add life, so to speak.

Large plants like this fiddle leaf fig tree can be great at filling in empty spaces – or blocking a curious toddler from exploring behind a bookshelf.

faux fiddle leaf fig tree

While I would LOVE to have a real fiddle leaf fig in my living room, I know from experience that Rowen will eat leaves. He almost destroyed a pothos in our first Airbnb rental in June.

toddler girl reading in Berkeley Chair

Not wanting my kid to get sick (or a live tree to be destroyed), I bought this faux fiddle leaf fig tree instead. It’s actually pretty realistic looking, once you fan out the stems and leaves. And it solved the problem of not knowing what to put in this corner!

Round Rustic Wooden Mirror

I knew something needed to go on this wall, but it literally took me 2 months to figure out WHAT it should be. I didn’t really want to put up a picture or some random piece of art. And with the “love is patient” sign on the shiplap wall, I didn’t want another farmhouse sign here.

After a few quick searches, I figured out what I wanted: a round mirror! Mirrors just add depth to a room, and as long as you aren’t in a carnival funhouse, that’s a good thing.

neutral living room with wood and metal accents

I’ve seen some really pretty low profile mirrors on Instagram, but I was getting kind of picky with what I wanted the trim to look like. I didn’t want a metal rim and I certainly didn’t want black. When I saw this rustic wooden mirror, I immediately added it to my cart.

round rustic wood mirror

Here’s the bad news: this thing stunk. Like BAD. I took it out of the box and unpackaged it and the smell was overpowering. After sitting out for a day or so, it wasn’t really noticeable anymore. I haven’t tried sniffing it up close, but I also didn’t smell anything when I finally hung it on the wall.

Tl;dr: Cute but stinky, like my kids.

Metal Floor Lamp

I shopped around for quite a while before deciding on this Galiana metal base floor lamp. I really had my eyes on a tripod lamp with wooden legs, because I just love the warmth of wooden accents. However, I remembered I have toddlers, and I went with this option because it seemed safer and more durable.

Once it arrived and I put it together, I had an “oh-no” moment. I realized my side table with gold colored metal legs was not going to match my brushed steel floor lamp.

neutral living room decor rustic wooden mirror and steel lamp

And then I remembered — there are no rules that I have to follow in decorating MY house!

Whether it’s modern farmhouse, transitional style, or something else – I can decorate my home with whatever decor makes me happy. And that’s what these pieces do!

steel lamp and rustic round mirror

I love that my neutral living room decor can be so versatile, and can change with the seasons. I have fall decor up now, but I’m already picturing what Christmas will look like! Just switching out the throw pillow covers and adding some accents on the mantle will easily transform the room from Autumn bliss to Winter wonderland.

What is your decorating style? Are you a fan of neutral living room decor or do you prefer more modern pieces? I’d love to see your home decor ideas!

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Cozy Neutral Living Room Ideas With COLOR
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  1. Hi Amanda!
    The look you gave is amazing. I love the small detailing you added with the farmhouse decor. Is it a good idea to go for such neutral shades with little kids running around? Would love to hear your experience.

    1. Good question! I actually haven’t had any issues with the light shades. The walls and doors are easily wiped down with a damp rag, and luckily my sofa covers are machine washable. 😉 That’s the secret!

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