5 Popular Fall Quotes + Fall Craft Ideas [Free SVG files!]

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Today I’m sharing 5 of the most popular fall quotes and how to craft with them to add to your fall decor! As fall is quickly approaching, it is time to spruce up our home decor with the best fall quotes for this time of year. There are so many to choose from and today you will find the most popular and favorites of all time!

5 of the Most Popular Fall Quotes

These cute fall quotes are the most popular because they truly are the best and have stood the test of time. When you think fall you can’t help but think of these 5 fall quotes!

Happy Fall Y’all

This is the first fall quote that comes to mind when I think of the most popular. “Happy Fall Y’all” is my all-time favorite quote for the fall season. Nothing says fall is a great time of year quite as well as happy fall y’all! Plus it just brings me back to my South Georgia roots, which is always a fuzzy feeling.

Make sure to stay tuned to the end so that you can grab your beautiful fall quotes in print and cut SVG files!

happy fall y'all popular fall quote and SVG

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

“Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice” is a number one hit of fall quotes as far as decor goes! It’s perfect for framing or adding to any fall piece you like!

Fall decor is full of pumpkins and pumpkin spice, therefore this adorable saying is perfect for so many craft ideas you may have. This one is going to be around for years to come!

pumpkin spice and everything nice fall quote

Fall Breeze & Autumn Leaves

I love the rhyme of this fall quote and how it is so versatile. This beautiful saying has remained popular amongst many, to be used as home fall decor as well as apparel! It makes me want to put on a sweater and cozy up with a good book and some hot apple cider!

fall breeze and autumn leaves svg

To download all of our fall quotes as SVG files, scroll down to the bottom!


Gather is one of the most common fall quotes, but so perfect and timeless when we are thinking of harvest season and Thanksgiving. This is a time of year when we all come together to get things done. This fall quote (or fall font) is classic and looks beautiful in a dining area all year round (that’s what I do with my gather print)!

gather fall font svg

Oh My Gourd

Ok, this one is such a fun fall SVG and I absolutely love how it turned out. I love the play on words that this cheeky little fall quote gives! It works really well on a fall colored hoodie or a mug – and makes a great gift too!

oh my gourd i love fall svg

Grab All Our Fall Quote SVGS by clicking here!

Become an insider and receive our 5 free fall quote svgs! Crafting has never been easier with these must have fall quotes! #FallQuotes #FallDecor #FallCrafts #FallDIY #HappyFallYall #Gather #PumpkinSpiceAndEverythingNice #OhMyGourd #FallBreezeAndAutumnLeaves

How to Use Our Fall Quotes to Create Fall Decor!

Happy Fall Y'all! is the most popular fall quote the past few years. This beautiful fall photo is contributed by Rose Abbas Photography! #FallQuotes #FallDecor #FallDecorDIY #HappyFallYall

Simply adding the Happy Fall Y’all to this gorgeous wagon adds a bit of fall cheer to this beautiful photoshoot. Thanks to Rose Abbas Photography for letting us share this adorable photo!

A gather sign is a great way to add to your kitchen dining area. This quote speaks volumes about harvest and thanksgiving. To see how this sign is made head on over to Our Crafty Mom!

Michelle from Our Crafty Mom has a great tutorial on how to make a beautiful Gather Sign. No cutting machine required!

Oh My Gourd mug done with one of our favourite fall quotes! #FallQuotes #FallDecor #FallDecorDIY #OhMyGourd

Applying vinyl to mugs is a fun way to add one of our fall quotes to your fall crafts. Enjoy your favorite hot drinks in style with a cute mug featuring a fall quote! I used glitter vinyl on this to make it really pop against the black mug. The gold and red glitter win my heart every time for fall crafts.

Hoodies with quotes are not only cozy and warm but a great way to share some fall cheer wherever you go! The fall quote Fall Breeze and Autumn Leaves is very popular this time of year! #FallQuotes #FallDecor #FallDecorDIY #FallBreeze&AutumnLeaves

Cozy fall apparel is a great way to craft with fall quotes and is easy to enjoy wherever you go! There is nothing better than an oversized hoodie to keep you cozy warm in the cool fall days.

The Irish Twin Momma whipped up these super cute tea towels.

Ashley at The Irish Twins Momma makes these adorable tea towels with fall quotes! Go on over to see all her Easy Fall Decor ideas!

A reverse canvas is a quick and simple craft to display any of your fall quotes!#FallQuotes #FallDecor #FallDecorDIY #PumpkinSpice&EverythingNice

Try our Reverse Canvas Tutorial to make beautiful Fall Quotes come to life! We make it easy with our step by step DIY tutorial.

Beautiful Stencilled pillows add a gorgeous farmhouse feel and showcase your favourite fall quotes Picture courtesy of Our Crafty Mom!

Our Crafty Mom uses these amazing stencilled throw pillows together with all sorts of pumpkins in her home to help bring in the fall decor! Make sure to check out Our Crafty Mom’s Fall Home Tour!

For more ideas on Fall home decor, check out my simple Fall decor here!

Thank you so much for joining us today for our little round-up of our favorite and most popular fall quotes! I hope that you have been inspired to create something beautiful and to add some of our fall quotes to your home decor this autumn season!

Love crafting with quotes? Head on over to check out Love Quotes and how to craft with them!

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