Our Favorite Meatless Monday Foods At Walmart

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This post is sponsored by ConAgra, Danone, Amy’s Kitchen, and Good Food Made Simple®. All opinions are my own.

Our Favorite Meatless Monday Foods At Walmart

Our family tries to be budget-conscious when shopping, especially this time of the year. Luckily we don’t have to compromise on our favorite foods to be able to stick to our budget! To save both time and money, I often head to Walmart to stock up on my favorite frozen foods so I have quick and tasty plant-based meals on hand.

Whether you eat a plant-based, whole-grain, vegetarian, or vegan diet all the time or you just enjoy the occasional meatless meal, these products are definitely some that I recommend you try! Pick them up at your local Walmart for a great value – or order ahead for curbside pickup for even more convenience. Here I’m sharing my latest grocery haul with our favorite Meatless Monday foods that we find at Walmart!

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Good Food Made Simple® French Toast

For breakfast we start with Good Food Made Simple® French Toast. Made with oats and ancient grains, this delicious vegetarian alternative is filled with antioxidants and has 40g whole grains per serving. I can easily cook this while I get my kids dressed and give it to them as an early morning snack before we hit the road to school – and of course I make sure to cook one for myself too!

I love that I have an easy breakfast option that is ready fast before I start my busy day!

gfms products

Good Food Made Simple® Cauliflower Kung Pao

Good Food Made Simple® Cauliflower Kung Pao is a quick and easy comfort food lunch I enjoy having while I write my blog posts. Certified gluten-free, high in protein with low sodium, and non GMO veggies? Sold. I can enjoy a delicious and flavorful meal while I work and still know I’m taking care of my body and the earth. 

There are also a large variety of cuisines, so if Kung Pao isn’t your favorite flavor there are other delicious entrees to try!

Amy’s Mac and 3 Cheese with Cauliflower

You know what my kids’ favorite comfort food is? Mac and cheese. With Amy’s Mac & 3 Cheese with Cauliflower Bowl, it’s also easy to make. I can just warm up a bowl for them and they can chow down on their go-to food for lunch or dinner. The 3 cheese is made from scratch instead of powder, then you add the gluten-free pasta and cauliflower to make a yummy bowl of gooeyness. 

I don’t protest at all when they ask for mac and cheese, knowing that I’m serving up veggies in their bowl. Satisfied kids, satisfied mom.

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Amy’s Cheese Veggie Crust Pizza

Amy’s Cheese Veggie Crust Pizza is an easy option for my kids since they don’t know about the special prize inside. The crust is made with organic cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potatoes – this way, they won’t complain about their veggies because they don’t even know they’re eating them. Now the picky eaters in the family get their vegetables and I get to know my family is having a balanced diet.

Marie Callender’s Plant-Based Chick’n Pot Pie made With Gardein Plant-Based Chick’n

The favorite meal of my two older sons is a golden, flaky, made-from-scratch crust enveloped chick’n pot pie. I just honestly rarely have time to make it from scratch, so I go for the next best option.

Marie Callender’s plant-based version of this comfort food favorite is perfect for vegetarians and flexitarians since it includes Gardein Plant-Based Chick’n, carrots, celery, and peas – or, you know, anyone that enjoys a good pot pie. It’s perfect for a weeknight meal or an anytime indulgence, even a midnight snack. You can satisfy your craving for a delicious meal while also saving time with a quick and convenient microwaveable meal.

so delicious and marie callendars

So Delicious® Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Bars

For a delicious dessert, we like to indulge in So Delicious® Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert Bars for a rich, creamy, dairy-free treat. Each bar is vegan and a part of the B-Corp™. This means that So Delicious has high standards of social and environmental performance, and that they have joined a global movement of brands using business as a force for good. Each bar is Non-GMO Project Certified, so you know it’s made with your best interests at heart. The bars also come in five different chocolatey flavors (and they are all amazing), so everyone in your family can enjoy a ‘so delicious’ treat.

meatless foods from walmart

Walmart for the Win!

I’ve been shopping at Walmart for as long as I can remember, and it continues to be a great place for finding our favorite products at amazing prices.

I have to be honest though – I didn’t even realize Walmart carried some of the specialty foods that I had bought at other stores! And to think – I had been missing out on some of these foods because I just didn’t want to make a trip to another grocery store.

It’s true.

But now I don’t have to! No more trips to specialty grocery stores just to pick up my specialty foods. Walmart comes through for the win with everything in one place – giving me convenience and value all in one. Be sure to check out these amazing products on your next Walmart trip!

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