INSANITY MAX 30 Review and Results

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I’ve completed Shaun T’s INSANITY MAX 30 and at this point, I think I can say, hands down, this is my favorite program of all time. I’ve completed ChaLEAN Extreme, Focus T25, half of the original INSANITY, P90X3, 21 Day Fix, and parts of PiYo, P90, Les Mills Pump, and Body Beast…and I haven’t loved any of those programs as much as I love this one. So here is my completely honest INSANITY MAX 30 review as well as some real results — check it out!

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INSANITY MAX 30 is You vs You

I am a competitive person, which I never really realized before. Although I supposed I should have realize it when I started trying to beat my own personal records in every 5k, 10k, and the half marathon I ran.


With INSANITY MAX 30, you’re competing against yourself. You do the workout the best that you can, and when you start to lose form or need a break, that is your “max out” time. You take that break, write your time down, catch your breath, and get back in it to finish the workout.


Here’s the progression of our times for Cardio Challenge throughout month 1 — you’ll notice that we didn’t increase each week! But on the days that we maxed out sooner, we actually modified less. Pushing harder and maxing out earlier is ok because we get STRONGER!

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti, shares an in depth review of INSANITY MAX 30! Find out everything you need to know for this program!
Check out that hair.


Well, yeah. It kind of is. It’s Shaun T, so what do you expect? But I do have to disagree somewhat…even though it is INSANITY, and it IS pretty much a butt-kicking workout, every move is modified.

You can do the entire program with zero-impact.

So if you have bad knees, bad ankles, or can’t do one single push-up…you can STILL complete INSANITY MAX 30.

Don’t believe me?

Here is a video of my friend, Allyson, and me doing all of the moves in Cardio Challenge. I am doing the full range of motion with each move. Allyson (on your left) is doing the modifications.

**caution – there is music, so turn down your speakers if you’re in a library or if your baby is sleeping**


Does INSANITY MAX 30 Work?

Well, unfortunately I didn’t take before and after photos or measurements with this program, so I can’t give you specific stats on how well it worked for me yet as far as weight loss and looking hot.

But I can tell you that my fitness has greatly improved. I am doing more pushups than I was in the beginning, more jumping jacks (yes, I have even had to modify some of the jacks in the beginning because my calves burned!), and I am able to push harder for longer amounts of time before I have to modify.

That tells me it is WORKING.

I doubt I have dropped a significant amount of weight, but that is no fault of this program. It uses the same containers and a similar nutrition plan as the 21 Day Fix (which is awesome, and you can see my results here if you missed them).

My problem is I have let work stress and life get in the way, and I haven’t followed my meal plans as closely as I would have liked. Boo. But this isn’t a diet. There’s no finish line. This is a lifestyle, and I’m not beating myself up because I got off track.

Besides…how could I quit when I know this cutie is watching me? 😉

Colorado lifestyle blogger, Amanda Seghetti, shares an in depth review of INSANITY MAX 30! Find out everything you need to know for this program!
My 5yo finished all 30 min of Tabata Power. If he can do it, YOU can do it.

INSANITY MAX 30 Before and After Results

Just because I forgot to take my own before and after pictures doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see some max 30 results!

Here are some INSANITY MAX 30 transformations from real people! Whether you’re a man or woman, already in shape or starting from scratch, these before and after photos of real men and women show you just what’s possible when you stick with INSANITY MAX 30 and get real results!

max 30 transformation devin
insanity max 30 results marques
Insanity max 30 results joe
insanity max 30 results brooke
insanity max 30 angie

Are you ready to try INSANITY MAX 30?

If you want to challenge yourself to be your best and max out your workouts, join Shaun T and me and do INSANITY MAX 30 for the next 60 days!

Grab your Beachbody On Demand membership here and get this program plus all the others – everything you need to reach your fitness goals at home.

If you need support on your workouts, be sure to send me a message or drop a comment below! I’m happy to help you through it!

Amanda Seghetti profile

Amanda is a mom of 4 living a mostly crunchy lifestyle outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband, 2 dogs, and a cat. As a former special education teacher who also has her personal training certification — Amanda really enjoys teaching others how to do things!

When she’s not working, Amanda enjoys DIY projects, exercising, photography, hiking, and long walks through Target.

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