13 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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Mmm, coffee. Before I even take that first sip, coffee is one of the best parts of my morning. And when it comes to gifts, anything coffee-related is a sure win. No matter the holiday or time of year, these coffee accessories make the best gifts for coffee lovers this year (and you don’t even have to leave home to get them)!

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Coffee Gifts for Coffee Lovers

What are the best gifts for coffee drinkers? Other than coffee itself? There are tons of coffee accessories, mugs, coffee-related decor, subscription boxes, even cozy sweatshirts – all that would make a great gift for someone who is in a serious relationship with the delicious dark bean juice.

best gifts for coffee lovers basket

While you probably can’t go wrong with a coffee-related gift, you don’t want to just aim for “not wrong” when it comes to gifting, right? You want to knock it out of the park!

I’ve scoured the internet for the best gifts for coffee lovers, and I’m listing my favorites here. These are all coffee items that I’ve tried out and have given as gifts to my own favorite coffee-loving people, with raving reviews.

Did I gift a few of these to myself? Maybe. But that also counts.

Capresso EC300 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

We might as well start out with the best possible gift for any coffee lover out there! The EC300 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is the perfect coffee maker for the coffee enthusiast or espresso lover who wants total control of making the most delicious coffee drinks at home. Whether making 1 cup or 2, it’s easy to make a rich cup of espresso — plus use the frother to steam milk for a cappuccino like you’ve never tasted before.

capresso espresso machine - Amanda Seghetti

The warming platform keeps your mugs nice and warm for the best coffee experience. (We like these mugs from Amazon.) The easy-to-clean stainless steel is pretty enough to keep on your counter at all times. Your guests will want to chat about this beauty while they sip their delicious coffee drinks! A must-have for any espresso enthusiasts home coffee bar.

(Not into espresso or cappuccino? I’d recommend browsing the Capresso website for a ton of other drool-worthy coffee machines and gadgets. There’s something for everyone and you really can’t go wrong!)

yes Plz Coffee Subscription

Want more coffee? Yes please! Yes Plz is a small direct to consumer coffee roasting company. It was founded on the simple but bold premise “that the best coffee you drink should be coffee you made in your own kitchen — and it’s easy when you begin with great beans.”

Yes Plz bag of coffee

They source, roast, blend, and ship fresh beans every week, from their location in Los Angeles to homes throughout the U.S.. Their coffee beans are new blends or single origin releases comprised of top selections sourced from the very best farms and mills around the world. Yes Plz’s service of providing coffee that is always fresh and always unique is a coffee aficionado must-have, whether your recipient is a coffee novice or a coffee snob.

And y’all – it’s GOOD coffee. If your gift recipient doesn’t already have one, wrap up a quality coffee bean burr grinder too like this one from Capresso.

Bean Box

Bean Box is a Seattle coffee company whose mission is to bring caffeinated delight and the world’s finest artisan coffees to their customers in every Bean Box. These coffee enthusiasts hand pick coffee from Seattle’s world-renowned roasters and offer their fresh beans in a variety of options, from single purchase bags to monthly subscriptions to gift boxes that will make you wish every day was your birthday.

bean box deluxe gift set with biscotti

I gave someone the Deluxe Coffee and Biscotti Tasting Box for their birthday. Coffee plus biscotti – there isn’t a better combo! Of course I was able to try a cup of coffee and taste of biscotti after the gift was opened. My only regret was not getting a gift box for myself!

Steeped Coffee

For the coffee lover who wants to make a great cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, in minutes, Steeped Coffee is the answer. It’s like brewing a bag of tea… but it’s coffee.

steeped coffee single serve bags

Steeped Single-Serve Coffee Bags (available on Amazon) are filled with 100% hand roasted specialty ground coffee and are crafted for quality, convenience, and sustainability. Every Steeped Coffee Bag is nitro-sealed for freshness within packaging that’s made using compostable and renewable materials, making every cup guilt-free and eco-friendly.

Steeped Coffee isn’t just for coffee connoisseurs. It’s perfect for anyone who is into sustainability and minimalism. The Steeped Coffee full immersion brew method means no machines, no waste, guilt-free packaging, and amazing gourmet coffee taste.

Gift a starter kit, a subscription, or a gift card to your favorite family member or coffee-obsessed person this holiday season.

Just Pour

According to my brother-in-law, pour over coffee is the best way to get great-tasting coffee. But those single serve pods are just so convenient, I tell him! Well…

Just pour single serve pour over coffee

Just Pour is a coffee subscription service designed to make it easy for you to brew a delicious, single serve cup of coffee using the pour-over brewing method. All you need is a mug and hot water for the perfect cup of coffee! It’s reliable, cost-effective and most importantly, the bio-degradable and compostable filters are environmentally sustainable and the funnel is made from 100% recycled material.

Just Pour also donates a percentage of their profits to charity. It’s one of the unique gifts for coffee lovers that gives AND gives!

Pursue Happiness Cold Brew CowfFee

Who needs a barista?! Sometimes I’m not in the mood for a hot drink, and that’s when cold brew saves the day.

pursue happiness cold brew cowffee

Pursue Happiness Cold Brew “Cowffee” is a delicious blend of cold brew coffee with trademarked CLA PLUS whole milk. CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid in milk that has potentially astounding health benefits (animal studies have shown it to be anti-cancer, anti- heart disease, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, and more – read about it here).

Pursue Happiness has found a way to increase that element by 2x to 3x through a cow’s diet! In addition to this healthy innovation, Cold Brew Cowffee has 20 grams of protein, low sugar, Non-GMO, and is lactose-friendly and shelf-stable (no refrigeration required)— setting new standards across the globe for healthy and sustainable drinks! 

I personally love that Cold Brew Cowffee contains fresh, traceable ingredients including creamy milk from pampered dairy cows at Spruce Haven Farm, operated by fourth-generation eco-friendly family dairy farmers in the beautiful countryside of upstate New York. Cold Brew Cowffee is available in recyclable, single-serve packaging, making it ideal for busy moms to grab and go!

Cask & Kettle Hard Coffee

Sometimes you have one of those days where you can’t decide between wanting coffee and wanting something a whole long stronger. Now you don’t have to choose.

Cask & Kettle pods are craft cocktails that are made for people who have a refined palette for both coffee and spirits. (Hello. That’s me.) Enjoy a spiked coffee, a hot hard cider, or treat yourself to a Hard Irish Coffee Sundae.

cask and kettle hot blonde coffee

They can be made with a home brewer like a Keurig, or with just some hot water. Everything needed (including the alcohol) is in the pod. Drink up (responsibly)!

(Cask & Kettle can be found at Walmart in some states in the US, such as Florida, Colorado, Oklahoma, California, and others. We hope to see Cask & Kettle all over soon!)

Alpine Start Instant Coffee

Too busy to wait for a pot to brew? Alpine Start makes a premium instant coffee perfect for adventurous souls: those who love to travel, backpackers, campers, busy parents, teachers – and well, everybody who loves coffee really. 

Alpine Start premium instant coffee

Alpine Start can dissolve in hot or cold liquids, and comes in an Original Blend medium roast. But my favorites are the Dirty Chai Latte flavor and the Coffee + Creamer version (I don’t have to find my own creamer!). You can find it on Amazon or in REI stores and some Whole Foods.

Fire Dept. Coffee

fire department coffee

Whether you’re a family of first responders or just want to support them, Fire Dept. Coffee is a must-try! They are a firefighter owned and operated coffee company that sells high quality coffee, with a portion of sales donated to first responder charities. All of their products are produced in the United States to support the American people and stimulate the American economy.

This mug and coffee (it’s better than you think!) would make the perfect gift for a firefighter or anyone who enjoys supporting first responders and the US economy. Or give a coffee gift subscription with free shipping! Just don’t burn your tongue on your hot coffee! I don’t think they can help with that. 😉

Coffee Accessories that Make Great Gifts

Funny coffee mugs

Funny coffee mugs make an excellent gift for coffee lovers that is never the wrong size! This mug is one of my favorites. Deja brew – did you already have a cup or two? Every java junky would love this adorable mug to drink as much cafe latte as they like.

deja brew funny coffee mug

You can find this mug plus a lot of other fun food pun gifts here at Sound Bites Nutrition!

Coffee soap

For washing your hands, not your coffee! Beessential’s Coffee Mechanic’s and Gardener’s Soap uses the un-bee-livable cleaning power of coffee grinds and coffee essential oil. Grease and dirt disappear fast, while odors like fish or garlic are neutralized quickly.

beessential coffee grind soap

Mechanic’s and Gardener’s Bar Soap was designed to cut the toughest grease and grime. (I really like Beessential’s foaming soap too, if you’re more into foam than bar soap.)

Laumière Superfood Parfait Collection

laumiere gourmet fruits

With a hot cup of coffee, what’s better than a tasty treat? This gourmet fruit gift set from Laumière is supremely healthy, tasty, and luxurious. It contains the perfect assortment of superfoods, bringing together elegant ingredients in unique combinations such as Matcha Quinoa Energy Bites and Berry Açaí Figs.

All of Laumière’s products are completely natural without any added preservatives, with most ingredients sourced in California! You can gift any of their sets with the comfort of knowing you’re only gifting the absolute best.

Conversation over coffee

While many of us aren’t spending much time at the local coffee shop these days, we can still have conversation over a hot cup of joe! These Conversation Cards for Meaningful Storytelling are a thoughtful and engaging way to help us connect with others. Use them for a fun conversation starter with your significant other, or even as a family discussion prompt at dinner.

conversation cards and writing for bliss books

Don’t want to talk to anyone while you enjoy your coffee in silence? Use the cards as a journal prompt, or write in an actual journal with these Writing for Bliss books from Diana Raab. There’s no better person to have a deep connection with than yourself!

Unconventional coffee creamer

I don’t know about you, but I have to have creamer in my coffee. I’m just not the kind of person who can drink coffee black.

I’m not a huge fan of conventional creamers though, and was happy to find two great alternatives!

URBY is short for “your best you” and is a high protein, plant-based coffee creamer alternative – no sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives typically found in old-school creamers. It provides 5g protein per scoop and 0g sugar, naturally sweetened with monk fruit extract. Urby also donates a meal to someone in need for every product that they sell, which is pretty awesome!

urby coffee creamer

Because it’s a powdered creamer (great for travel) and plant-based, it blends best with an electric milk frother. I don’t have one though, and just mix it into my coffee with a spoon.

If you prefer a liquid creamer, milkadamia is a great choice! Made with raw macadamias and coconut cream, milkadamia is dairy free, non-GMO, and gluten free. In addition to being delicious with the rich taste of macadamias, they are also palm oil free and regeneratively farmed.


And if you haven’t yet tried Dalgona coffee, their recipe is a MUST.

Coffee sweatpants

No, that’s not a typo. I said it. Coffee sweatpants.

Coalatree designs eco-minded gear and apparel for the adventurer in everyone, and this year they released the Evolution Jogger to match their hit Evolution Hoodie.

The best part? Each jogger is made from three cups of coffee grounds and 10 plastic water bottles. They are sustainable, odor resistant, and literally the softest and most comfy sweatpants I’ve ever owned. You may not want to gift these to anyone but yourself!

Coalatree Evolution Joggers

What other specialty coffee gifts would you recommend for coffee lovers? Leave a comment and let us know!

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