Magic Mixies Crystal Ball Toy Review

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If your child has a big imagination and loves to play pretend with all kinds of magical things, you may be wondering if the Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball Toy by Moose Toys is the perfect thing to turn their magical dream into a reality. Before you surprise them with this new toy, read on to get our honest Magic Mixies review and learn how this interactive experience truly works!

This post has been sponsored by Moose Toys, but all opinions are my own.

magic mixies crystal ball in package

What’s Inside the Box

The Magic Mixies Crystal Ball set comes with only a few parts, which is a relief to parents like me who try to avoid a ton of tiny toys everywhere. In the box, you get:

  • a Crystal Ball
  • a Magic Mixie (hidden inside the Crystal Ball)
  • a light-up interactive magic wand
  • two instruction booklets: one for using the Crystal Ball and one for playing with the Magic Mixie after it is revealed

Both the Crystal Ball and the wand come with batteries already installed — another relief to parents who have super excited children who are ready to make real magic immediately!

The Crystal Ball is available in pink or blue.

opening magic mixies crystal ball

Ways to Play with the Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball

Before you can do anything you have to create your Mixie! By using the special wand, your child will cast the spell and create a Mixie inside the Magical Crystal Ball. The purple spell book, labeled Instruction Book 1, provides all of the steps to follow to perform the Creation Spell.

The instruction manual also includes QR codes that you can scan to easily watch a how-to video to see the spell in action.

After the Mixie pet is revealed, your child can use the Crystal Ball again and again to make their own toys disappear and reappear!

back of magic mixies crystal ball package

How to Reveal Your Magic Mixie Inside the Crystal Ball

There are six steps in the Creation Spell that must be followed to create and reveal the Magic Mixie. For each step, your child will need to perform the correct wand movements. They will be amazed as the Crystal Ball magically responds to the wand movements in each step!

The Crystal Ball must first be set to “Create Mode”. You will find this switch at the back of the base. The center setting is “off”, the left setting is “Create Mode”, and the right setting is “Night Light.”

You must follow each step of the spell in the correct order!

After turning on the interactive wand, your child will need to perform the correct wand movement. Jiggle the wand upwards to make the crystal gem glow pink, jiggle the wand downwards to make the gem glow blue, and wave the wand up and down to make the gem glow different colors.

watching magic mixie crystal ball light up

Step 1: Illumi

This first step of the creation spell awakens the Crystal Ball and makes it glow yellow.

Step 2: Mistos

This next step summons the real magical mist! Watch the magic mist rise as the Crystal Ball glows white.

Step 3: Coloramo

It’s time to add color to your Mixie! This step creates a rainbow of colors in your Crystal Ball.

waving wand to create magic mixie

Step 4: Melodias

Form your Mixie’s voice in this step. With each wand movement, you will teach your Mixie to sing and your Crystal Ball will glow blue.

Step 5: Fortunus

Now we teach your Mixie to tell fortunes. You can hear the Mixie learning to say yes, no, and maybe, then the Crystal Ball glows pink.

Step 6: Magicus Mixus

This is the last step! Use the wand and say the magic words ‘Magicus Mixus’ to bring your new magical friend to life!

After the Mixie magically appears, you can easily rotate the ball to unlock it and remove the adorable plush Magic Mixie. (You will need to cut the ties on the feet.) With the first use, you’ll need to press the Mixie’s belly to access all of the different modes of play.

aren removing magic mixie

Playing with the Magic Mixie Toy

The fun doesn’t end after the Crystal Ball has been opened… there are so many different ways to play with these adorable magical friends!

The second instruction book has all of the details for ways to play with your Mixie, but we will give a quick rundown of each play mode.

aren with magic mixie toy

Fortune Telling Mode

Hold your hands down on the Magic Mixie’s belly and ask a yes or no question. The Mixie’s forehead gems will either glow Red, Yellow, or Green to give you your answer!

Spell Mode

Press the Mixie button on the wand to enter Spell Mode and test your spell-casting skills! Wave the wand to make the gem’s colorful lights display a certain color, then press the Mixie button to choose the spell that matches that color.

There are seven different spells to try: Love Spell, Mystic Spell, Enchantment Spell, Fire Spell, Power Spell, Failed Spell, and Lightning Spell.

Games Mode

Have all sorts of fun playing an interactive fun game with your cute furry pet in Game Mode! The Mixie’s forehead gems will flash a color and you have to use different wand movements to find the color that matches. Work quickly before the time runs out!


Tickle your Mixie’s belly to hear giggles and happy laughing sounds. But like anyone, too much tickling isn’t fun! Your new pet might let you know when they are annoyed and want you to stop.

holding magic mixie and wand

Repeat Play with the Crystal Ball

Once you’ve gotten your cute furry friend out, you can reset the Crystal Ball to play again – we enjoyed doing the reveal again with the Magic Mixie as well as whatever other “magical toy” the kids wanted to reveal.

After multiple uses, the Crystal Ball may run low on mist. You can easily purchase a Mist Refill Vial to refill the “magic potion” in the Crystal Ball and play again and again!

getting magic mixie out of crystal ball

The Crystal Ball also has a night light mode to add a little enchantment to bedtime. Your Crystal Ball will fill up with mist, and top up in four minute intervals.

You can also use the magic wand to light up the Crystal Ball to a chosen color. After 30 minutes of no use, your Crystal Ball Night Light will turn off on its own, but can be turned on again by pressing the Magic Gem on the front.

Our Experience and Final Opinion on the Magic Mixies Crystal Ball

If your child is a lover of all things magical and mystical, I definitely feel this would be a good toy for them. There is plenty of opportunity to explore, and the Magical Misting Crystal Ball alone is pretty cool.

I was genuinely excited as the fun creation process began! I wasn’t sure what to expect with this toy, and the real mist and colors just made the experience really exciting.

magic mixie forehead lights

As a mom, I always want to make sure my kids’ toys are worth the value – both with time and cost. Even the hottest toys all over social media aren’t worth it if they break easily or lose their appeal super fast, you know? But this toy has absolutely been a hit here! It actually wasn’t difficult to figure out, it was quick to get going once we unpacked everything, and it was a toy that my children can play independently – over and over again.

Over the last year, my 6 year old daughter has really gotten into all kinds of magic things (we’ve been reading Harry Potter and some other fun magic books at bedtime). Now we are in love with the world of Magic Mixies, and we are planning to try out the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron next! (Look for that review next week!)

You can find Magic Mixies at Amazon, Target, and Walmart. It would be the perfect gift for the holiday season!!

Drop a comment and let us know what you think after you try it out. The magical possibilities are endless!

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