Easy Master Bath Remodel – Before and After!

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Today marks exactly two weeks since we moved into our new Georgia home, and I still have boxes all over. I told myself I would have at least one room completed by today, and I am happy to say our master bath decor is done! Or at least, done enough for now. But it feels good to walk into my bathroom and feel like my little bathroom makeover that I envisioned is where I wanted it to be. So I’m happy to share this super EASY master bath remodel with you, so you can maybe be inspired to give your bathroom a face lift too!

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Master Bath Before and After

These are the master bath before photos:

Easy master bath remodel before and after photos
IMG 6002 - Amanda Seghetti

These are the photos from Zillow when our home was up for sale. The previous owners used very little decor, and I felt like the white counters and white cabinets and white floors and white shower/tub…well it was just too much white for me! It felt so sterile and cold. I wanted to add some texture and warmth to make the master bath feel more inviting.

Because honestly, I love taking baths, and I really want to WANT to spend time in that tub.

Wall Decor

I first chose a large piece of wall decor to sort of set the tone for the entire room. I’ve been eyeing this sign from Ebenezer Market since I first saw it on their Instagram feed earlier this year. I held off on buying it until we settled into our new home. I didn’t want to add one more thing to our packing and moving process.

But once we had the keys to our new house, I went right to the website and ordered!

Master Bathroom Farmhouse Wall Decor from Ebenezer Market

I love the simplicity of it and the farmhouse feel. The wood is a stark contrast to all the white in the room, and grabs my attention when I walk into the bathroom. The text is also in line with my personality and humor, and it really does make me want to just get in the tub and unwind!

White curtain in master bathroom next to large bathtub

The window covering was actually left here by the previous owners, and I decided to keep it. It’s a good fit with my current style. (And it’s one less thing that I want to replace right now, if we’re being honest.) The trim is loose around the bottom, so I should probably repair that. There’s such a thing as fabric glue, right?

Wood Accents for Texture and Warmth

To keep with the idea of an EASY master bath remodel, I wanted to just make changes that were inexpensive and that could easily changed again later on. The wood accent trend right now is really cute, and I wanted to keep that theme going throughout the bathroom.

I added a large wicker basket in the knee space for our laundry. I’m not really one to sit at a vanity and apply makeup or do my hair, so a vanity seat seemed like it would be wasted here. It makes for pretty decor, but I prefer to be functional when I can.

Lifestyle blogger Amanda Seghetti uses wood accents in her easy master bath remodel

I’m also hoping the hubby’s socks can make it inside of this large, very accessible basket. Ahem.

The decorative cup we used for cotton swabs in our last house wasn’t something I loved, so I decided to find a new container. I saw these glass/wood storage jars at Target and thought they would be perfect for our swabs and floss picks.

Having them on the counter will be a good visual reminder to floss nightly, and I don’t have to worry about them spilling out of the bag into a drawer.

Wooden tray and master bathroom organization

We aren’t the kind of people who put our toothbrushes away into a drawer either, so I grabbed this wooden toothbrush holder from Target as well. It has only two sections, which is perfect for a master bath that only two people use! I always hated the toothbrush caddies that have 4 slots. Who uses 4 toothbrushes in a master bath?


I had this wooden tray already, and I wanted to use it to break up the counter and define the space for our containers and toothbrush holder. I’m not sure I love so much wood in one area, but it’s what I have for now.

Hmm, maybe I’ll paint the tray at some point? That would be an easy and inexpensive change!

A little paint never hurts.

Faux Plant Decor

I love to add greenery whenever I can, just to give some life and color to a room. In this room especially, I feel like a good bit of greenery is needed to reduce that sterile and cold feeling. I found this Hearth and Hand vase on clearance (holler!) at Target and grabbed 3 faux eucalyptus stems to add to it.

wood accents and greenery in master bathroom decor

This cloth/wicker woven basket with a faux snake plant was one that I picked up at HomeGoods earlier this year. I think it sat on my mantle in Colorado, but it seems to be a great fit next to my laundry basket here!

Easy master bath remodel with wicker basket and greenery

My cozy white bath mats also made the journey from Colorado, right back to the bathroom floor where they belong. I like them but I’m already considering replacing them.

Is it strange to want a large rug in the bathroom? I think carpeted bathrooms are gross, but a washable rug might be perfect in here. The tile is so COLD at night!

Soft Fluffy Towels

Ok, I know I was complaining about too much white in this bathroom, but there is something about white towels that make me swoon! They almost convince me that I’m getting spa treatment.

I picked up a couple of super soft, fluffy towels from Target. They are the Opalhouse line. This is one very affordable change you can make to your bathroom to immediately make it feel new again!

Georgia Lifestyle Blogger Amanda Seghetti shares her easy master bath remodel

Shower Organization

Who ever thought a person could get excited about an expandable metal shower caddy? It might be silly, but this thing has me kind of pumped. It’s big enough to hold all of my shower items as well as Arien’s…and it has a spot for our razors to hang too! Not only that, but the shelves can slide in or out, making room for tall shampoo bottles.

Expandable hanging shower caddy for bathroom organization

I didn’t know shower caddies could be so fancy. I love this thing so much I bought one for the kids’ bathroom too!

Toilet Room Decor

Our toilet room is still pretty plain right now. I mean, it’s a toilet room. So I’m not super motivated to make it pretty. But I did go ahead and pick up this decorative wicker trash can at Target, and I have a metal basket for storing toilet paper rolls on the way from Amazon.

The Squatty Potty is just a given – we have one in every bathroom! Maybe I’ll eventually do an accent wall behind the toilet. Or some wooden shelves to hold seasonal decor… ahh, saving those thoughts for another day!

toilet room decor

We will eventually completely remodel this bathroom, which will not be an EASY master bath remodel at all haha. But for now I’m happy with the inviting space I’ve created. It is really helping me to feel like I’m at home here!

I hope these master bathroom ideas have inspired you to make your own bathroom decor bring you joy. I would love love LOVE to see your spaces, and please share with me if these ideas have been helpful!

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