Easy Oven Rib Recipe with Greek Style Flavor

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Today I’m sharing our easy oven-roasted Greek rib recipe! These are delicious, quick, and oh so simple. Depending on the size of your rib rack you can be enjoying these tender ribs with the family in an hour or less!

This recipe simplifies weeknight cooking in our family. It literally takes only a few minutes to toss together and throw in the oven. Then dinner takes care of itself while you catch up with the kids and after-work life.

I love meals that I do not have to hover over and that give me the ability to get other things done while it’s cooking.

I’m a busy mom with no time for cooking nonsense. This recipe makes my life easier on a weekday!

greek style oven baked ribs

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Rib Recipe Ingredients

  • rack of pork ribs
  • lemon juice
  • lemon pepper
  • greek seasoning
  • garlic pepper
  • salt

The key to any successful quick and easy oven rib recipe

The most important thing for making this quick and easy recipe is to make sure your ribs are defrosted. Not only does cooking from frozen take longer but it will dry out your ribs too!

One pot meals mean one pot to clean! All you need is a roasting pan or pyrex cooking pan.

This nonstick roasting pan is great, or I also use this kind of pyrex baking dish.

How to make the perfect oven ribs

When buying pork ribs there are many types to choose from. I honestly usually buy the best deal I can find and they turn out great, but Bon Appetit has a great post on how to select the perfect pork ribs. They cover everything you need to know in their post so we will skip right to the making of your quick and easy oven rib recipe.

Step 1: Preheat oven to 390°F

Place your defrosted ribs into an oven-safe cooking pan. I usually use a pyrex pan or even a small roaster whichever they fit the best in. I like to cut my ribs into 2-3 pieces to help them fit a bit better in my pan and it also decreases cooking time! If you cut them into smaller portions make sure to adjust your cooking time accordingly.

I love my Pyrex cooking pans. The lids make putting away leftovers a breeze. They are great for freezer meals too! If you have trouble getting them clean simply use a magic eraser to make scrubbing a snap and then wash with soap and water!

Step 2: Season and bake the ribs

I mixed my own dry rub in a small bowl just for this photo so that you can get an idea of how much seasoning and lemon juice to use. Normally I just season right in the pan. No extra dishes needed!

greek seasoning

Sprinkle your pork ribs with lemon juice – just enough to get them wet because if you use too much that is all you will taste. Depending on the size and how many ribs you make this will vary, so adjust accordingly.

The next step is to season with lemon pepper, Greek seasoning, garlic pepper and salt. Play around the the amounts to get as much or as little flavor as you like!

Do not add any water to your pan and do not cover the ribs with aluminum foil!

Now place the rack of ribs into your preheated oven because that is just how quick these are oven-ready! Remember to always preheat your oven before putting pyrex inside. Bake for 45 minutes.

Increase oven temperature to 420°F and continue to bake the ribs in the oven until nicely golden on top.

easy oven baked greek ribs

Remove your fall off the bone tender ribs from the oven and serve alongside Easy Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and your other favorite sides.

Our Caesar Salad makes a perfect side to any and all ribs! So easy to do and a great healthy salad everyone will love! Perfect for a quick dish to go with our oven rib recipe so head over and see how easy it is to make!

Another great dish that is ready in 10 minutes is our Garlic Pasta! So easy and so full of gourmet flavor! (Can you tell we love garlic?)

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