Why You Need a Home Decorator – On a Budget!

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Y’all I can’t lie. I don’t have a coordinating bone in my body. I don’t piece together outfits; I shop outfits on mannequins. I don’t throw amazing food together for meals; I follow recipes. And when it comes to my home, I have a hard time feeling settled because my rooms are rarely decorated to the point of feeling “complete.”

Or more accurately, they just lack decor. Period.

Home Decorator On A Budget

For years I have dreamed of hiring someone to help me decorate my house. I never did it though because I just couldn’t justify it in my budget. And I was SO afraid of someone decorating my house with pieces I wouldn’t love or that would be so far outside of my budget that my husband would be upset with me.

Clearly, I had no idea how a home decorator works.

Luckily, I met Jessica through a group of other bloggers and I saw some of the beautiful photos she was sharing on Instagram. I really wanted my house to look pretty like hers! And then I saw it…a lot of her pieces came from Home Goods, Target, Wayfair, TJ Maxx…the same places where I was shopping! She just had the eye to make things come together — the eye I was lacking.

Then I realized something else: I use professionals for so many other things in life. Doctors, plumbers, auto mechanics, even cake decorators and Stitch Fix stylists. So why wouldn’t I use a professional to help me with something else I couldn’t confidently do myself?

undecorated dining room
This is what I sent her. You can see I tried with that one little sign on the wall. Also, I’ll never forgive my husband for putting our security panel there.

I messaged Jessica on Facebook and asked her to help me with my dining room. With the holidays approaching, I really wanted this particular space to feel complete and inviting. I wanted something that would work year round, with the ability to add seasonal touches for various holidays.

undecorated dining room
So dark and gloomy. And messy. Yikes.

I sent her a photo of my dining room (which was embarrassing in itself). She asked me to fill out a short survey to get an idea of my style and what I was looking for. It didn’t take long for her to get back to me with TWO different style options for my space.

And y’all, I loved it! Both designs were great, but one stood out to me as the perfect way to style my space! She had links to purchase everything in the design, and all of the pieces were affordable.

interior design for dining room buffet
This was the design I chose.

I bought most of the items through her links, because I know she can earn a small commission from that (honestly, it’s a small way I can thank her for her work at no additional cost to me!). There were a few items that didn’t work out – the peonies from Pottery Barn were on backorder for longer than I wanted to wait, and I had trouble with the mirror from Walmart – but everything else was perfect.

interior decorator dining room modern farmhouse decor

Jessica was able to tell me some other places I could find what I was looking for, and gave me different ideas for styling. What I loved best about this experience wasn’t just that she helped me decorate my dining room with affordable pieces that I love; it was that she genuinely wanted to help me, and I could tell she loves what she does! That personal connection is important to me, and it made this partnership so much more enjoyable.

interior decorator dining room modern farmhouse decor

As you can see, I have a few seasonal pieces in place right now. I traded the peonies for poinsettias and I tucked a few cranberry twigs into my wreath. I placed Christmassy pillows (thank you, TJ Maxx) on the chairs for some extra holiday color. I just love how easy it is to change things up without a lot of work or extra cost!

interior decorator dining room modern farmhouse decor

If you are in the market for some home decor help, I highly recommend you check Jessica out! She’s so easy to work with, I just know you’ll be pleased.

And if you want to shop for any of the pieces you see here, click on the links below. (some may be affiliate links)

Table, chairs, and chair covers – IKEA
Side table – Wayfair
Mirror – Wayfair (similar one HERE)
Wreath – Target (Hearth & Hand)
Metal wall planters – Amazon
Poinsettias – Michael’s
Candlesticks – World Market
Dogwood stem and vase – Target (Hearth & Hand)
Together sign – Ebenezer Market
Throw pillows – TJ Maxx


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