Make Money Blogging: Top Agencies for Influencers and Bloggers

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If someone had told me when I started my blog five years ago that I could make a decent income as a blogger, things might look a little different today. Then again, they would’ve had to tell me HOW to make money blogging. I first dipped my toes into paid influencer and blogging gigs a couple of years ago, but I still didn’t know much about it. It wasn’t until last year when I learned about some amazing agencies from a great group of blogger friends, and my blog and social media income grew exponentially.


And because I love to share with my friends, I’m compiling this list of my favorite agencies that work with influencers and bloggers! Here they are, in no particular order:

(Some of the links below may be affiliate links, which help to fund my blog at no cost to you. Thanks for your support!)


Clever is one of my favorite agencies, even though I just started working with them, because they seem to always have new opportunities! My first campaign with Clever was with Creminelli Meats.

DSC 1452 3 - Amanda Seghetti
I love campaigns that involve food.

Influence Central

I actually signed up with IC a year or so ago, but wasn’t very active because I wasn’t very dedicated to my blogging. They work with some pretty popular brands.

Activate by Bloglovin’

Activate is another agency I signed up with early on, but just recently started working on campaigns. This year I worked with Pampers. They have a lot of campaigns geared towards parents. Some are social media only, so a blog isn’t necessarily required.

Massive Sway

Another one of my favorite agencies! They always have new campaigns available, and some are social media only (no blog required). I’ve gotten campaigns with Ergobaby, Pampers, and Enfamil. Many campaigns are mom-focused but not all are geared towards parents.

Social Native

I always recommend this one to my friends who are just getting started! Lots of campaigns for Instagram only. These don’t pay as much as some others, but new campaigns are frequently posted and I get a lot of work here.

DSC 0695 - Amanda Seghetti
Another campaign involving food. Do you sense a pattern?


I’ve worked with this agency a couple of times. They pay per click, so you want to make sure you get plenty of exposure for your blog posts (or YouTube videos). I’ve worked on some health products and a popular yogurt brand with them.


Another great agency with some popular brands. I have worked with HelloFresh, Vermont Smoke & Cure, Purple Mattress, and Kroger. I also had Tough Mudder reach out to me, but unfortunately pregnant women like me don’t do too many obstacle races in their third trimester.

DSC 0787 - Amanda Seghetti
More. FOOD.


This is another agency that does not require a blog, and is good for beginners. Not all campaigns are paid; some are product only. Pay varies based on social media reach. I’ve worked with Gymboree and Crazy8, and promoted Jack Ryan. I’ve seen some various food brands and beauty brands that most people would enjoy.

Blog Meets Brand

While I have not yet been chosen for a campaign with this agency, they do post some good ones. And the pay seems fair. I’ve seen some travel-based campaigns as well as popular products.


You can find both paid and product-only campaigns here. They require you to have 5,000 followers on any one social channel before signing up (IG followers, YouTube subscribers, etc). I’ve worked with Michael Todd Beauty and I Heart Keenwah here.

Everywhere Society

This is a really fun and supportive agency. Some of my biggest and most fun campaigns have been through Everywhere! They require a combined following of at least 10k to sign up.

Pollinate Media Group

I just recently joined Pollinate, but I can already tell they are going to be a favorite for me. They are really supportive and help bloggers to understand what brands are looking for. Bloggers must have at least 20,000 monthly page views before joining, so this is definitely an agency for more established blogs.


I don’t get much work through this one, but they work with some pretty well-known brands.


This is an app you can download on your phone (I have an iPhone, not sure about availability for android users). Good for beginners as there are no real requirements or social media minimums. It’s almost like a dating app for brands and influencers. I’ve mostly collaborated with small brands for product only, but you have the ability to set your price.

DSC 0021 - Amanda Seghetti
I worked with @artsyclothing in exchange for this shirt instead of payment.


Takumi is one of my favorite agencies because they are super easy to work with and pay quickly. Build-a-Bear was my first campaign with them. Download the app on your phone.

Build a Bear campaign to make money blogging
I was just as excited to make this bear as I was about getting paid!

Popular Pays

This one is another phone app, but you can also access the dashboard online. I worked with Jimmy John’s through Pop Pays.


This was an agency I worked with before I learned about some better ones. The opportunities here can be hit or miss, however it’s not a bad place to start if you’re a beginner looking to make money blogging. There is a range from paid campaigns to free product to product that’s only discounted. Open to lots of different niches.

Do you know of any other awesome agencies for influencers to make money blogging or sharing on social media? I’d love to add them to the list, so please comment below!

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  1. WOW, what a great, comprehensive list – so many I haven’t even heard of! Thank you so much for including us on this list – and glad we were your first paid campaign – fun to be a first! 🙂


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