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Ok, so if you know much about me, you know I don’t like to eat a lot of junky food. I am VERY picky when it comes to what kinds of things I buy for myself and the kids. My rule is usually 5 ingredients or less, I have to be able to pronounce the ingredients and know what they are, and no fake crap.

Clean Snacks On The Go

I used to buy lots of different bars to eat in a pinch, like Kashi, or Special K bars, or Fiber One (mmm, chocolate drizzle on top). But now that I have learned more about what ingredients are in them…I stay far away. You’ll see Kashi bars in my house from time to time, but none of those other “hey I have a healthy picture on my box and you’ll lose weight if you eat me!” bars. Nuh uh.

So one day I was in a hurry and I grabbed a Larabar without looking at the ingredients. Peanut butter cookie…ha, yeah. It sounded good. Can you believe I didn’t check it first to see what was in it? I’m not perfect, never said that. Mmm, it was really yummy too. So imagine my surprise when I DID check the ingredients (prepared to be disappointed) and this is what I saw:

Dates, Peanuts, Sea Salt

WHAT?!!! First of all, I thought dates were gross. Like prunes or something. THIS THING TASTES LIKE A FLIPPING COOKIE! It has to be some sort of sorcery. Maybe just a fluke. I do like peanut butter after all.

So what did I do? I got more Larabars to try them out. I got some of the new uber bars and a few other flavor of their traditional bars. And…yeah. They were all yummy. And not full of crazy ingredients.

Larabar assortment

The uber bars are more nutty than cookie-like. They strike me as a filling snack that you’d eat when you are hungry. And the two flavors I tried did have added brown rice syrup and honey for added sweetness. But the original Larabars…they are the ones I want to hide from my kids and eat when I have a crazy PMS craving. They taste like sin. Only with way less ingredients and none of the guilt. No added sugar. NONE. Now, that doesn’t mean it is low in sugar because we all know that fruit is a good source of natural sugar. That’s why these things are so sweet and yummy. But I can feel 100% good about eating a snack bar/treat/munchy-on-the-go when I know it is completely natural and not full of chemicals and added sugars. Gluten free, soy free, non-GMO, vegan. Amazing.

Oh, and I checked the whole “snack bar” aisle the last time I was at the commissary. You know me, always a little skeptical. Gotta see if there is something else better or even comparable. NOPE. Every bar I picked up had an ingredient list a mile long. And every bar when back on the shelf. But guess which bar didn’t go back….

Larabar coconut cream pie. Ingredients: dates, unsweetened coconut, almonds, cashews, extra virgin coconut oil.

And I’m not sharing.

I was not paid by Larabar or Small Planet Foods for this post. This is my own opinion that I just wanted to share with you!

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