Dairy Free Desserts Are So Delicious®

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Whether you prefer a dairy free diet or are just looking for a tasty treat, So Delicious® Mocha Almond Fudge Frozen Dessert Bars are a perfect choice! Read why I love So Delicious® Frozen Dessert Bars.

This blog post is sponsored by Danone, but all opinions are my own.

taking so delicious ice cream bars out of walmart bag

My family isn’t totally dairy free but we try to limit dairy.

I happened to find a few dairy-free brands and products that I enjoyed quite a bit. And even though I do currently include some dairy in my diet, I still turn to some of my dairy-free foods when I want a treat!

opening box of so delicious mocha almond fudge bars

I discovered So Delicious® products when I first ate a plant-based diet 10 years ago. Their name says it all – their products are literally so delicious! My current favorite is this mocha almond fudge bar. Mmm, it is perfect in every way.

Made with almondmilk and fudge inside a chocolate and almond shell, this dairy-free and gluten-free treat is delightfully tasty and is my go-to when I want a late night frozen snack. Or sometimes (before the kids come home from school, of course) I will enjoy a bar in the afternoon with a hot cup of coffee. Nothing like the combo of a hot latte and cold mocha flavored treat together to make my taste buds burst with happiness.

holding dairy free so delicious dessert bar

If you haven’t tried these So Delicious® bars, I know what you might be thinking. And the answer is no – I can’t even taste a difference between this bar and an ice cream bar with dairy. It doesn’t have a weird “healthy” or “fake” taste to it like you might think. What it does have is a very rich and creamy flavor that anyone would love!

On top of being a dairy-free treat, So Delicious® is a vegan, Non-GMO Project Certified brand, and part of the B-Corp community, so you know they’re committed to you and the environment. When I shop for products, I don’t just look at the list of ingredients; I look at the brand as a whole, too. Because of this, So Delicious® is a brand I have trusted and recommended for years.

eating dairy free dessert so delicious ice cream bar

Plus, it’s so easy for me to buy these bars when I get my other groceries! I don’t need to go all the way to a specialty store for my specialty treat. (Making extra trips to specialty stores is NOT something this busy mama has time for!)

Instead, I can easily make a Walmart run and add it to my grocery order for easy pickup. And at such a great price? Sold. Sometimes I don’t even wait to unload all my groceries before I treat myself to my ice cream bar. This is just one of the many dairy free and meatless items I grab on my regular Walmart shopping trips. Check out all of my favorite dairy-free and meatless foods that I buy at Walmart here!

close up of so delicious ice cream bar

Of course, there are more flavors of the So Delicious® ice cream bars if you wish to try them. The salted caramel flavor is amazing! So Delicious® carries a large variety for whatever suits your palette… mocha almond just calls me back every time! If you want a yummy dairy-free treat, make sure to pick up a box the next time you stop by Walmart!

dairy free treats

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