Here are 6 of my favorite self-care exercises that I practice to improve my mental health.

I move my body.

Whether it's a workout, a walk, or a gentle stretch, I make sure to move my body in some way each day.

I fuel my body.

Not every meal is perfect, but I aim for dense nutrients 80% of the time.

I connect with others.

Making time to talk with friends and family keeps me from feeling isolated.

I speak (and believe) positive thoughts.

Saying what I'm grateful for or saying affirmations reminds me to think positively.

I get outside.

Just a few minutes outside in the fresh air and sunlight does amazing things for my mood!

I take time to be alone.

Even 5 minutes to myself - quietly drinking coffee or listening to music - helps me to recharge and refocus.

Listen to your body and mind, and add in self-care exercises as you can.

Be consistent with it, and it will soon be your new way of life!

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