Family Advent Calendar Activities

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Advent calendars are a fun way to countdown to Christmas.

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Do one fun family activity each day to spend quality time together and make the wait more exciting!

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Start by choosing an advent calendar to use.

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Wooden Advent Calendar

Cloth Advent Calendar

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Try these options

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Write down 25 activities to do - one for each day.

Watch a Christmas movie each day

Play a different Christmas song every morning

Read a different Christmas book each night

Bake/cook a different Christmas recipe each day

Do an act of kindness every day

Add one decoration to the tree each day







You could choose a theme, and each day could relate to that theme...

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Check these out

Eat red + green foods for dinner

Christmas music dance party

Go ice skating

Read the Christmas Story

Do a Christmas craft

12 Days of Christmas family workout

...or just do various Winter/Christmas activities together, like these:

Write a letter to Santa

Eat "reindeer poop" for breakfast

Drink hot cocoa

Draw a Christmas picture for Grandma

Wear red + green clothes

Make paper snowflakes

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Whatever you choose, have fun together!