DIY Angel Tree Topers

for your Christmas Tree

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No need to break the bank to make your home look amazing for Christmas! These DIY angel tree toppers make a big impact without a lot of expense.


Use pallet wood for a rustic farmhouse angel!

Decopatch the skirt of a plain paper maché angel using white acrylic paint and snowflake decomache paper.

Try your hand(s) at crochet! This small project is a good first step and is fun to make.

Take an old (or new) Barbie doll and decorate with wings. Add some tree lights under the dress for added flair!

Use an (unused) coffee filter, cotton ball, and some pipe cleaners to create this cheap DIY angel!

Turn an old paperback book into an elegant Christmas tree angel topper.

Use twisted silver pipe cleaner to make a halo and cover the body in paper strips of your choice.

Enjoy your beautiful new space!

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