Nerf Armory Tutorial

Want a simple but cool storage option for all those Nerf blasters? Try this DIY Nerf armory - super easy and budget friendly!

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– pegboards (I used 4) – pegboard hooks and storage bins – screws and driver to mount pegboards – wood and paint for armory sign

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Step 1: Set out all your materials.

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Arrange your pegboards in the shape you want them.

Step 2: Attach pegboards to wall

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A level can help make sure your pegboards are straight.

Step 3: Arrange and hang Nerf blasters

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Start with the bigger blasters, then fill in remaining space with smaller blasters.

Step 4: Paint your armory sign.

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I used stencils and spray paint for this one.

Step 5: Hang your sign

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Attach your sign to the wall and enjoy your new Nerf armory storage area!