How to Exercise Without Spending Money

No need for a gym membership or expensive equipment to workout! Here are some exercise ideas that don't cost a thing.

Bodyweight exercises

Increase strength and muscle definition with bodyweight exercises like squats, pushups, lunges, and planks.

take the stairs

Stairs are great for cardio and strength training. Run them, or use them for step ups (glute exercise) as well ask squats and lunges.

step up

A box, step, stool, or chair can be used for many upper and lower body exercises.

use household items

Everyday objects can be used - such as cans or gallon jugs for weights, towels for resistance, or paper plates for sliders.

find free videos

Don't want to create your own workouts? There are lots of free videos online and on Youtube.

Try yoga

Yoga is amazing for improving balance, increasing strength, and improving flexibility.

walk or run

The most basic exercise of all - just go for a walk or a run! Grab.a partner to make it more fun, or play your favorite tunes.

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