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Water Gun Painting

Fun Activity for Kids

When the kids are bored, get them outside for a little art!  This water gun painting on canvas activity is fun for all ages, and is budget-friendly too. 

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Here's What You Need

- canvases - poster paint - water guns - snack bags - scissors

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Step 1: Thin the paint

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Mix 1 part paint with 1 part water in a baggie. Smush to combine. Repeat with each color in a different snack bag.

Step 2: Cut the corner

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Use scissors to snip the very tip off one corner of the paint bag.

Step 3: Add the paint to the water gun

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Carefully pour the thinned paint into a water gun. Repeat for the rest of the colors.

Step 4: Paint!

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Set up your canvases outside and spray them with the paint!

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Experiment with different colors and designs and see what you get!

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