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How to Tint Latex Paint with Acrylic Paint

You can easily adjust a paint color without buying a whole new can -- by using acrylic paint to tint latex paint!

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Here's how

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– latex paint – acrylic paint – paintbrush – bowl or tray for mixing

Supplies Needed:

I needed yellow paint for the sun in my mountain mural, but the yellow paint was too light. With yellow acrylic paint, I created the perfect shade!

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Start by pouring a small amount of your latex paint into your bowl or tray.

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Add in a small amount of your acrylic paint.

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Mix together, adding more of either type of paint to adjust the tint as needed.

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Once you get your perfect shade, you're ready to paint!

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Use your paintbrush to apply your paint as normal.

Because both types of paint are water soluble, the result looks the same once it dries!

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