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How to Make Textured Paint

Regular paint can feel a little... flat. Add some texture to add depth to your paint project! (literally)

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Here's how

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– paint – DryDex Spackle – putty knife – paintbrush – bowl or tray for mixing

Supplies Needed:

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Start by adding the desired amount of paint and spackle to a bowl. Use the putty knife to mix.

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Mix until you get the consistency of cottage cheese - or mix more for less texture.

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Using the spackle tool, apply the mixture to the area to be painted. Here I am painting snow on a mountaintop.

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For smaller areas and edges, use a disposable paintbrush, like this craft brush.

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Once it has fully dried, you may need to add a coat of paint to fully cover the spackle.

Enjoy experimenting with fun paint techniques!

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