to Prevent Body Aches

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Aches and pains are common, due to  – muscular imbalance  – overuse – falls – work life

These 6 stretches are great for flexibility and wellness to prevent those body aches!

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1. Neck/Upper Trapezius Stretch

You'll need this stretch if you spend your day working at a screen or using your phone - causing tight neck muscles.

2. Chest Stretch

Most of our day is spent in a forward motion, causing tight chest muscles and rounded shoulders. Let's stretch them out.

3. Hip Flexor Stretch

Sitting most of the day? Your hip flexors will thank you for this daily stretch.

4. Lying Back Rotation

This stretch is amazing for increasing spinal mobility and decreasing mid- and low back stiffness.

5. Figure 4 Stretch

This one stretches the piriformis and opens the hips to prevent low back aches.

6. Butterfly Stretch

Easy to do while watching TV, this opens up your hips and stretches your inner thighs.

Remember to do your stretches daily to form a healthy habit!

Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds, on each side of your body.

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