Push- Pull

Workout Routine

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You're probably familiar with upper/lower split routines...

But have you tried a push-pull workout routine?

Push-Pull Routines

This type of training is based on movement - pushing or pulling - instead of specific muscle groups.

Push - Pull routines ensure you work opposing muscle groups equally and allow for optimal rest between workouts.

Exercise examples

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Push Day: Exercise Examples

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> Chest press > Push up > Tricep press > Tricep dips > Overhead press > Lateral raise > Squat > Lunge > Leg press > Leg extension > Calf raise > Glute bridge

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Push exercises are pushing away from the body.

They usually work chest, shoulders, triceps, quads, and calves.

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Pull Day: Exercise Examples

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> Lat pull down > Bent over row > Upright row > Face pull > Cable row > Reverse fly > Bicep curl > Hammer curl > Pull up > Chin up > Good morning > Deadlift > Romanian Deadlift > Leg curl > Back extension > Shoulder shrugs

Pull exercises are pulling toward the body.

They usually work lats, biceps, mid back, traps, and hamstrings.

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Alternate your push and pull days - and don't forget rest days too!

Add in core exercises for a complete workout program.

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