Grab a plyo box and join me for some intense lower body exercises!

Box step up

Drive up through your heel and squeeze your glute! Bring your opposite knee to hip height, then step back down.

Lateral step up

Work your side glutes! Step to the side, stand, and raise your opposite knee to hip height.

Box jumps

Explode up and land on top of the box in a squat. Jump or step back down and repeat!

Switch lunges

Start by lunging on the box, then explode up and switch legs to land with the opposite foot on the box.

Up and overs

Squat with one foot on the box, and one on the floor. Jump up and switch feet, landing on the opposite side of the box.

Fast toe taps

Start with one foot on the box edge. Quickly switch feet, tapping your toes on the box as fast as possible.

Split squats

Balance with one toe behind you on the box as you lower into a squat. Feel your glutes burn!

Elevated glute bridges

Take the work away from your quads with this move. Squeeze your glutes at the top!

Add in a few plyo box exercises to your daily workout, or do 2-3 rounds of these moves for a lower body blast!

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