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How to Paint Your Garage Floor

If you want to take your garage from blah to bam, try painting your garage floor! This DIY project takes some work, but is totally worth it.

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Here's how

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– Daich Coatings DAIHARD 100 kit – deck brush with stiff bristles – extension pole – paint roller tool – paint tray and plastic paint tray liner – safety goggles and boots Optional:   – pressure washer – electric drill and paint mixing attachment

Supplies Needed:

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Start by clearing everything out of your garage. Sweep out dirt and debris.

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Use the deck brush and a cleaner or degreaser to scrub the floor. A pressure washer will make this step much easier.

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Apply the etching solution to the floor to open up the concrete surface. Rinse clean and allow to fully dry.

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Mix the paint and epoxy REALLY well! A drill attachment is the best way to do this.

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Use the paint roller to apply it all over the garage floor.

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Sprinkle the decorative flakes all over the floor before the paint dries.

In about 48 hours you can use your beautiful garage!

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