Medicine Ball Workout

15 minute fitness



1 minute each 2 rounds with little rest

Try this 15 minute workout to work your entire body. (The final move is my favorite!)

Ball slams use your whole body, getting your blood moving and heart pumping! Reach the ball high, then go into a half squat as you slam it down. Catch and repeat!

Ball Slams

Squat to Overhead Press

Drop down into a squat, then press the ball overhead as you rise to standing. Keep your core engaged and don't overarch your back!

Put all your weight in your heel to burn that booty! Reach your ball out in front, then bring it in as you drive your opposite knee forward into a crunch.

Knee Pulls

Sumo Squat Figure 8

Step wide and lower into a sumo squat. Hold the ball out in front and make a figure 8 motion. Keep your body as still and stable as possible!

Lie on your back with the ball extended overhead. Press through your heels to bring your hips up as you move the ball toward your lap. Squeeze your booty tight!

Glute Bridge Pullover

Crunch Med Ball Pass

Working out solo? No problem! Crunch up and place the ball on your shins. Balance as you lower yourself down, then crunch up again to grab the ball.

It's not a regular plank, it's a cool plank. Challenge your balance and shred your core as you plank on your medicine ball!

Ball Plank

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