in your workout

How to stay

As someone with ADHD, I know staying focused while working out can be tough!

But I have found ways around it.

Here are 6 ways to stay focused in your workout so you can get it done!

The day before, plan out exactly what your workout will be. Even better - plan out your whole week!

Make a plan


Nothing kills your focus more than trudging through exercise you hate! Go hike, swim, dance, or work in your garden. Just move!

Do what you enjoy


Repetitive activity can trigger boredom. Try tabata or HIIT workouts with frequent changes to keep your interest up.

Switch it up


If laundry, clutter, or the TV distracts you, get out! Even a 5-10 min walk can help you reset and mentally prepare for your workout.

Get out of the house


Let someone else do the thinking! Try a new class at a gym and stick with it until the end. (Nobody likes to walk out early, right?)

Try a class


Time flies when you're having fun! Turn on some tunes or your favorite show and get in the zone.

Add music or video


Combine your workout with a "reward" activity - and only allow yourself to do that activity after (or during) exercise!

Try habit bundling


Keep a positive mindset! Once you can focus on getting your workout done, you'll have better focus afterwards too!

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