Want to be a fit person but don't know how those people do it?

Here are 6 healthy habits that fit people have - add them in to create your own healthy lifestyle!

They fuel their bodies

It isn't all kale smoothies, but nutrition is a priority. Fit people indulge at times, but they also eat to nourish their bodies most of the time.

They move their bodies

Exercise isn't punishment - it's self-care. Workouts aren't skipped.; they are planned in a way that keeps their bodies healthy and injury-free.

They drink water

Hydration revs your metabolism, gives you energy, and keeps your body working. Plus it makes your skin look amazing!

They have a healthy mindset

Fit people don't diet; they create sustainable habits. They look for the positive outcomes associated with those habits.

They set goals

Weight loss may be a goal, but it shouldn't be the only goal. Feeling better, living longer, and reaching specific goals can keep you on the fit track.

They stay consistent

The 80/20 rule is great - 80% healthy choices, 20% everything else. But healthy living doesn't come and go. It's a way of living.

Once you decide to be a "fit person," slowly add in these habits.

The consistency will come and it will be your new way of life!

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