Furniture Upcycling

7 Unique Ideas

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Don't let an old piece of furniture go to waste! Give it a new look with a makeover or upcycle ideas like these!

Easily update a vintage chair with this DIY tutorial.

Victorian Chair Makeover

Give your drawer fronts a new look with wallpaper!

Upcycled Chest  of Drawers

Give an old baby crib new life as a pretty garden bench.

Crib to Garden Bench

Add a little paint to create a colorful ombre dresser.

DIY Ombre Dresser

Would you believe this planter was made from a lamp and a frying pan?!

Upcycled Planter

This side table was upcycled with some paint and a napkin!

Decoupage Table

You can do a lot with a little paint!

Rainbow Outdoor Furniture