Have you wondered what foam rolling is, or if you're doing it correctly?

Here are my top foam rolling tips to maximize your workout recovery!

1. Find tight areas or knots.

Commonly tight muscles: - calves - hip flexors - piriformis - hamstrings - latissimus dorsi - pectorals - upper traps

2. Apply pressure

Use a foam roller, massage stick, or other SMR tool to apply direct pressure to any sore/tight spots.

3. Hold for 30 seconds

Hold pressure for 30-60 sec, then gently move side to side for another 30-45 sec to help the muscle release

4. Breathe

Foam rolling can be uncomfortable, but don't hold your breath! Breathe through it.

5. Visualize

Get the mind-body connection going. Visualize your muscles relaxing and lengthening.

6. Stay regular

Keep it up! Foam roll and stretch before and after every workout for best results.

Other benefits of foam rolling:

Reduced soreness Increased blood flow Reduced inflammation Corrected muscular imbalance Improved joint range of motion

Foam rolling can even help with tightness due to sitting at a desk all day!

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Roll away the soreness and stress and see how you feel!