weed barriers for your garden

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Looking for more eco-friendly weed barriers to use in your garden? Check out our unique, free, and earth-safe gardening ideas!

1. Cardboard

Plain cardboard boxes make great weed barriers. Remove any tape and stickers if you can.

2. Egg cartons

Pulp egg cartons are biodegradable and can also be used to start seeds in the spring!

3. Brown paper mailers

Amazon's new paper padded mailers can be used just like cardboard.

4. Paper bags

Paper bags that are clean and free of food/oil are great for small spaces. Newspaper works great too!

5. Old clothes made from natural fibers

Stained or torn clothes made from cotton, wool. linen, etc are biodegradable.

Wet your materials

Once you arrange your weed barriers, wet everything with a water hose to help it lie flat.

Top with mulch and enjoy your happy garden!

These weed barriers will eventually decompose, adding nutrients to your soil! Yay healthy garden!

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