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Home Projects

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Want to make some simple upgrades to your home? These DIY projects are beginner friendly but still pack a punch!

1. Refinish Countertops

Cover your old countertops with a stone coating for a new (and durable) finish!

2. Add Molding

Add molding to a builder grade island or cabinets for a custom look.

3. Paint Your Shower Frame

Update a boring shower frame with a coat of paint!

4. Add Painted Beadboard

Create visual interest by adding painted beadboard to your walls.

5. Update Bifold Doors

Give those bifold closet doors a modern facelift!

6. Try Removable Wallpaper

Transform a whole room or just an accent wall with removable wallpaper.

7. Bold Accent Wall

With some painter's tape and paint, you can create a bold accent wall like this!

Start small and don't be afraid to try something new!

There are so many ways to make small changes to your home so you can love where you live!

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