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Easy DIY Accent Wall

In Less Than 1 Day!

Want to update a room without a lot of time and expense? Try this simple DIY accent wall tutorial for big change - even if you're a beginner to DIY!

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Here's What You Need

- painters tape - interior paint - roller &/or brush - paint tray - plastic drop cloth - level &/or measuring tape (optional)

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Step 1: Tape the wall

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Determine what pattern you want, and use painters tape to create it. I used measuring tape to keep my lines equal distance, but you can also do random lines or shapes!

Step 2: Paint the wall

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Use a roller or paint brush (or both) to paint over the entire wall. I used Studio Color paint in Stellar (premixed paint at Walmart) for a bold contrast.

Step 3: Dry/Recoat

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Let the paint dry 1-2 hours. Add a second coat if necessary. (Check paint can for drying/repaint times.)

Step 4: Remove the tape

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Slowly peel the tape off, careful not to pull up any new paint!

Enjoy your beautiful new space!

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