How to Boost

Higher metabolisms burn more calories and help keep the weight off.

As we age, our metabolism slows down. 

Here are 6 ways to increase your metabolism - so you have more energy and feel better!

Move a little each hour, take the stairs when you can, and aim to get in your daily steps. Move movement = more calories burned.

1. Increase your activity

No need to be a bodybuilder - but strength training does increase muscle which burns 3x more calories than fat!

2. Build muscle

Just drinking water and staying hydrated gives your metabolism a boost. Make it cold to work your body even harder!

3. Drink water

Your body has to work harder to digest protein, plus it helps with building that muscle!

4. Fuel up with protein

High intensity workouts increase your metabolism more than low intensity ones. Even short bursts can help!

5. Ramp up the intensity

A little caffeine (not too much!) can add a short boost to your metabolism. Try coffee, oolong, or green tea.

6. Add a little caffeine

You may be tempted to restrict calories, but eating too little can lower your metabolism. Eat enough to fuel your body!

7. Eat enough

A combination of good nutrition and consistent exercise is the key to reaching your goals!

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