Pilates has been around for 100 years, but what's the big deal?

Here are some benefits of Pilates - a low-impact exercise that can benefit anyone!

1. Stronger core/ improved posture

Many Pilates exercises are core-focused, which helps improve posture as your core strength increases.

2. Increased flexibility

Pilates also helps to lengthen your major muscle groups for more flexibility!

3. Better balance & stability

Research shows that Pilates can improve your balance and overall stability, which can help prevent falls and injury.

4. Muscular endurance

Not only does Pilates help to improve muscular endurance in your core, but you'll see results in your upper body too!

5. Better lung capacity

Pilates is very breath-focused, which results in improved lung capacity and respiratory endurance.

6. Mental health

Pilates has shown a positive effect on mental health by lower depression, anxiety, and fatigue. Yay for less stress!

7. Improved focus

Pilates breathing + exercise  + mind/body connection also helps to improve focus outside of the studio.

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Give Pilates a try and see the benefits for yourself!