Want to sculpt and strengthen your body like a ballerina?

Join us for this ballet-style barre workout at home.  (Don't miss the special bonus at the end!)

Plié Relevé

Step wide and lower into a sumo squat (or plié), then straighten your legs to standing and come up on your toes (relevé).

Arabesque Attitude

Raise one leg behind you. Bend and straighten your leg, then lower your foot to the floor. Hold on for balance!

Rond de Jambe

With toes pointed, tap to the front, side, and back. Keep your core engaged and stay steady!

Arabesque with fly

Lift and lower one leg while raising your arm to the side. Squeeze your entire back side! Add a small weight for extra resistance.

Plié Port de Bras

Lower into a wide squat and hold while you move your arm from top to front to side.  Feel your shoulder, legs, and booty burn!

Grand Battement

This one is tough! Keep both legs completely straight as you raise one leg to the front, side, and back.

Oops, I bent my knee!

Leg Lift with Hip Raise

Use your abs to lift both legs, raise your hips to push your feet toward the ceiling, then lower back down with control.

Ballet exercises are amazing for toning your entire body. Start with 1 minute of each exercise (work both sides!).

No barre or equipment is needed - but a tiny ballerina makes the workout more fun!

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